Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Houston TX: Urgent! Re-Fosters desperately needed right now for Rescued Pets Movement. Please Share!

Bob Barker AKA A1495575 is one of the several who need fosters in Houston for RPM. He needs eye cream every couple of hours in order to save his eyes. He will be transported to Colorado on August 3rd.

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Date: Jul 19, 2017 11:26 AM

Nesmith - Refoster needed by Friday 7.21 until Sunday 7.23.

Currently on Doxy for a URI.

Foster is in need of a refoster ASAP or some help to take care of these babies! HELP WELCOME AT THIS HOME!!! 

Morning mostly (7-8 am) then evening (5-7 ish) and if not ANYTIME.



AGE: ~2 yrs
Breed: White Boxer Mix

Mary Jane is a female brindle and white boxer mix who lived her life chained to a tree until just a few weeks ago.  Luckily, someone who saw Mary Jane cared enough to speak with her owners and they were agreeable to allowing her to find both MJ and her puppies a new home where they would be well taken care of.  Mary Jane and her babies have been in the care of their current foster since July 1st, but unfortunately they are not able to continue fostering through their scheduled transport date of 7/27.
Her current foster calls her 'MJ' and wants to assure everyone that her inability to continue to foster is in no way related to MJ.  She also shared that MJ is the sweetest Mama and full of nothing but love and gratitude!
Naturally she is protective of anyone new but warms up VERY quickly as soon as she can see they are not a threat.  Since being in her foster home she has not exhibited any aggressive behavior towards people or dogs, but there were not any cats in the home.

Bob Barker is in desperate need of a refoster!  

He has severe burns on his face and his eyes are hurting him badly!

Bob B will need his eye cream every couple hours to save his eyes.. please help! 

Transport 8.3

Mama Bear and her sweet little cubs need a place to go next week, Thursday 7.27.  Can you help?

Transport 8.3

Madge and her marvelous M-Puppies need a refoster TOMORROW! ONLY ONE WEEK, PLEASE HELP! 

Transport 7.27
Rescued Pets Movement Inc., 2317 W 34th St, Houston, TX 77018

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