Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Carthage IL: GOOD NEWS! RE: NO RESPONSE RE: Trio of wonderful #Hound mixes! WILL BE PTS!

Anissa wrote today to say these three are all SAFE! I don't know which rescue got them. (Please see Maggie though as she still needs saving very urgently).
8/12 POST
Anissa wrote again 8/12 begging for their lives.
8/9 POST
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Date: Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 12:56 PM
Subject: Carthage, IL: (HCP) Trio of wonderful hound mixes! WILL BE PTS!
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Carthage, IL: (Hancock County Dog Pound) 8-9-17 Video Clip:   This poor trio of coyote hounds were dumped at the pound over the weekend.  They are very sweet dogs!  I have attached several video clips of them, please take a second and look, please consider giving them a chance!  They are at animal control and will be euthanized if not rescued!!  If you can help save them, email 
Mable, sweet, social, outgoing, good with other dogs, I fear she is pregnant or recently had puppies, dumped at the pound, 40lbs, 3-4yrs old.
Chester, male hound dumped at the pound, 7+ years old, super sweet and social, great with other dogs.  Very handsome fellow, please don't let him die L
Video Clip:  Max, male lab/hound mix, 40lbs, 2-3 years old, very social and sweet, outgoing and fine with other dogs.  He had an old scab on his face that when I gave him a bath, it easily washed off.