Monday, August 14, 2017

East Point GA: Updates. RIP Ying. Yang still needs saving! RE: Ying and Yang need Rescue ASAP - Ying weighs only 3 lbs!

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Ying has died and Yang is now alone. They were constant companions -- walking intertwined. So sad. Please help him find rescue.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: Ying was found this morning, lying on her side, limbs twisted, in distress. She did straighten out, and was accepting water from a syringe, which is good.

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Subject: East Point, GA - Ying and Yang need rescue asap / Ying weighs only 3 lbs!

Ying & Yang need rescue!

Ying and Yang are related and bonded. They've been living together outside at the Church's Chicken in East Point on Cleveland Ave. for the past 3 years. Gudrun has been keeping an eye on them, and became alarmed that Ying (the female) was having trouble chewing and swallowing, and was getting smaller and smaller in size. 

Yesterday, Gudrun grabbed them up and took them to the vet to see what was wrong. Ying (the female), has rotten teeth and pockets in her gums that have accumulated grass and debris, which explains why eating was so painful for her. She weighs only 3 lbs now, and will need dental surgery, but tested combo tested nagtive (Yang was not tested, but will most likely also be negative). And, the vet said that both are fixed.

Please help find rescue for these sweet, bonded kitties, so they can come in off the street -- and so that Ying can get the dental that she desperately needs. She won't last much longer without it.