Thursday, August 31, 2017

#Irvine #CA: GOOD NEWS! RE: Temporary #foster needed for 3 owned orange #cats who are #bonded brothers

Thanks to all who are helping this family.
On Aug 30, 2017 Mary Hutchinson> wrote:
Hi Liz,
My kitties are in a foster home in San Diego. Holly Jill has them and I took them there Monday evening. I have a temporary place for the kids and I with a friend. I had a phone call today about a job. Fingers crossed a interview will be next week...Keep in touch I need all the support I can get.  Thank you so much for caring.
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From: Melody 
Date: Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 10:10 PM
Subject: Please read, need a place for three bonded brothers
I try not to ask for help very often. Please share with others. 
My friend Donna (she also fosters for our rescue) sent this to me. A family is in need. Mary's ex husband, who was providing financial support for her and their two teenage kids, lost all of his money and is broke. They are losing their apartment at the end of August and she and the kids will be homeless. She has contacted every agency asking for help. They have applied for low income housing but difficult to get into quickly. They have no money to qualify to rent an apartment. They have no family in California. Both her brother and sister died from cancer and her elderly mother lives out of state in an assisted living facility. They have three young bonded orange tabby brothers and no where for the cats to go. They want the cats back once they get settled in a new place as they are very close to her children and they all love them dearly. They are family to them. I have spoken to Mary several times in the last few weeks, learning of all her efforts and sharing ideas. She called Irvine shelter and they cannot help. She does not want to surrender them to any shelter. She has no money to make a donation or to pay for boarding, but we could raise some to try to help the cats.  

From: Mary Leigh Hutchinson <>
Date: August 6, 2017 at 7:57:02 PM PDT
Subject: Cat Housing

Looking for temporary housing for my 3 cats. I have fallen on hard times and need to find a place for Hayden, Sawyer, and Tanner. These 3 brothers are 2 years old, fixed and have updated shots. They are very easy to care for only needing one bowl of dry food per day (owner would provide) no wet food. They use one large litter box which gets cleaned once a day and I could make a visit to do that. They sleep 18 hours a day and when up they are quite, very easy going fellas.

Hayden, Sawyer and Tanner come from a very loving family and want them back in there lives as soon as possible. If you could help or know of someone that could help us please contact me either email or my cell 949-872-6807.

The Hutchinson’s,
Mary, Noah and Eden