Monday, August 28, 2017

#Memphis #TN: Rescued from neglect BIG 7-mo-old #Mastiff #Boxer (?) mix Male Seeks Proper Home

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An expert told me that from the pictures he looks like he resembles a Tosa, or Tosa mix, or Mastador (Labrador/Mastiff). Here are pages describing those breeds:

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Please forward this email to your contacts, and let's find this "teddy bear" dog a good home.  He was previously chained without water. Please contact Ken at email address below or call  (901) 461-1057 if you can help!   

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Subject: Mastiff Boxer mix

I rescued him from a home where he was chained without water. I couldn't leave him there without doing something. I have another rescue male which will not tolerate another male so I can't keep him. He is 7 months old and around 100 pounds and will get much larger. Help please to find a proper home. He is good for now, healthy and happy but wearing me out having to maneuver 3 outside dogs who have their own air-conditioned home.  He loves my old female and she rough houses with him so everything is good there but it's hard to keep him from the other male that is scared of him. If you Google the name there are several Youtube videos of the breed. It's not registered through AKC but one of the other registries. Sweetest animal I have ever been around. Just like a teddy bear.