Wednesday, August 2, 2017

West Los Angeles CA: Urgent! Two #Tortiseshell Staff Favorite Gals Need Out (not a bonded pair)

The shelter is the contact. Time is of the essence. 

Princess at AdoptaPet:

Bella at AdoptaPet:

Search Facebook by ID numbers to view posts, comments, pledges, videos, etc. for each of these girls.

Princess on Petharbor:

Bella on Petharbor:

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From: "Kathryn Hargreaves" <>
Date: Jul 31, 2017 6:02 PM
Subject: West Los Angeles, CA -- Two sweet tortie at WLA need our help

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From: Christine Brown <>
Date: Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 4:47 PM
Subject: Fwd: Two sweet tortie at WLA need our help

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From: Joyce Newman <>
Date: Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 4:39 PM
Subject: Two sweet tortie at WLA need our help
These two gals need rescue. Bella has been at the shelter for months waiting for her special person. Sweet Princess is missing her family and now getting sick. She needs out ASAP. Please help network them, they both are so deserving of a second chance. Ziggy will start their pledges with $25 each. Please share. Thank you

PS... more info below from Casey who volunteers at the shelter.

Joyce Newman
Founder and President
Ziggy and Friends Cat Rescue
"Be a Kitty Angel"
501c3 a non-profit cat rescue organization     

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From: casey christopher <>
Date: Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 2:38 PM
Subject: west la torties
To: Joyce Newman <>

I volunteer at West LA Shelter and am wondering if you can save any cats for us.  We have two tortie girls who really need out.  If you have room to take them, we would appreciate it!!!

PRINCESS -A1713677
1 year old spayed female, 6 lbs., Tortie 

Poor Princess! This adorable girl was sadly surrendered by her owner and has come down with a bad upper respiratory infection at the shelter. We are not totally sure why Princess was surrendered by her owner, but it was a tearful good-bye so we do know Princess was dearly loved. Princess is lethargic and not eating due to her URI, and really needs out of the shelter where she can recover in a home environment. Her eyes and face are so expressive; Princess is just begging someone to give her the second chance she deserves. At just over a year old, this sweet girl truly has her whole life ahead of her and we would hate to see her last days be at the shelter. Princess is a sweet and affectionate girl who loves chin scratches and pets; she's not overly demanding for attention but happy to have visitors when we stop by. Princess has been pretty mellow during her time at the shelter, but given her age we are sure she would enjoy playing once she's out and feeling better. Princess needs an adopter or rescue ASAP to save her life-please share for this deserving girl!

Bella - A1687967 (5 year old spayed female) desperately needs out of the shelter! Bella has made tons of progress with us, but because her previous owner stated she was aggressive and since she can be a bit of a handful, our understanding is she RESCUE ONLY. Bella tolerates other cats to some extent, but is very dominant and does not enjoy their company. She would thrive as an only cat with an owner who appreciates her intelligence, bossy yet endearing demeanor and super affectionate nature. Did we mention Bella loves helping with cleaning, and even insists on being pet with the broom while we sweep her room?! Please share for Bella - Tortie lovers, this girl is really one of a kind!