Monday, September 18, 2017

#Arcadia #CA: 9/18 still available RE: #Adopt Loving, Joyful, #FIV+ #Tuxedo #Cat Nickel

#LosAngeles: #Adopt Nickel the #Cat  - still available as of 9/18/17 - please share with appropriate potentials. If you would like to meet Nickel, please contact Ziggy and Friends Cat Rescue at 310-365-2872 -  thank you!

See Facebook post by Ziggy and Friends Cat Rescue 
9/7/17 POST

Contact Dana at 
dudleydewright AT or
 818 613-6738
Email Joyce Newman at Ziggy and Friends Cat Rescue at
ziggyandfriendscatrescue AT

Dana and her husband Chris are the good samaritans. Please read Dana's plea below where it says NICKEL - A super star cat. She also says, "He's...not afraid of anything. At least with us he's not. He was very beaten up when he first arrived either from people abuse or the elements but now he really just craves human contact. More like a dog than a cat. He hates being alone out in the garage and really craves human contact all the time. We can't be with him that much so he's alone most of the day. He'd make a great companion for someone who likes an alpha male cat."

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URGENT!!! Arcadia CA - Please Help Nickel, FIV+ Cat
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Thu, Sep 7, 2017 at 12:18 AM
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Please network far and wide and read his plea below!  Nickel is 1 to 2 years old and is FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) positive. He is shelter-bound if a permanent or foster home is not found! He loves people and would do great in a house as an only cat.  He has been living in a garage for the last 7 months!  Ziggy and Friends Rescue Group will sponsor Nickel if somebody will foster him. He has been neutered, is up to date on vaccinations and has been combo test for FELV/FIV. See more info plus pics and links to video below! If you can help, please contact Dana: Dana - 818 613-6738

From: LeAnn Moen 
Date: Monday, March 13, 2017 12:48 PM
PLEASE NETWORK NICKEL. We need a foster for him.  Joyce from Ziggy and Friends Cat Rescue will take him but he needs a foster or forever home.  His story is below. He is FIV positive but we all know they can live long, healthy lives... 

NICKEL - A super star cat
Hello fellow Cat lovers,
NICKEL showed up on our doorstep and I'm not one to turn away the hungry and in need. He started shy and afraid and now he is about a year or so and has become quite a handsome confident little guy. We got him neutered and all of his shots. Chris and I need to find a home for him in the next couple of weeks. We can't keep him. Nickel is a tough ass cat who has one of the most striking personalities of a cat I've met. He is fearless and has become super affectionate and loyal.

He crawls in Chris' lap and tries to kiss him:)  He follows me around like a dog. He will make a great cat for someone who will give him lots of love. Isn't great with most other cats but really loves people. Wants to be a part of it all. Has FIV so needs to be kept indoors but is strong and healthy and full of life. He just wants to play and have someone to be his best friend. Will make a great companion! Please help us find him a home. Share around if you would.Thank you! 
Saving cats : one little life at a time!
Dana - 818 613-6738
Link to Nickel's video: