Saturday, September 23, 2017

#Atlanta area #GA: 9-23 update NO RESPONSE RE: Urgent! Guardian's #Cats Being Rehomed. Must be Placed ASAP!

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There have been no offers to help with these babies yet. 
Please take a look at the cats on the site! All are beautiful, and all are adoptable. One is declawed, and another is mildly brain damaged, but very lovable, with no other problems/issues

It would be a real shame for these babies to end up at animal control. Please share this link!
9/20 POST
Georgia is one of about nine wonderful, well taken care of cats who are being given up.
See the excellent website set up for them at:
The contact is MikeGFord AT

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Date: Wed, Sep 20, 2017 at 7:40 AM
Subject: Lithia Springs, GA - Urgent situation! Cats must be placed ASAP!

Please help Mike with his situation. He and his ex-wife worked with a rescue by taking some cats that the rescue did not place. Mike's ex-wife left he and the cats (both their own, and the rescue's) behind -- and the rescue no longer deals with cats at all (if they are even still in business). So returning them is not an option. Mike is heartbroken about losing them, but has no choice due to circumstances. 
For all of the details and pictures, please go to:
Urgent situation in Lithia Springs! Please share this link with all the details!