Monday, October 2, 2017

#LosAngeles: GOOD NEWS RE: 10/2 still there!!! RE: Urgent. 2 Precious Little Impounded Senior #Dogs Need Home! Videos

10/14 update: GOOD NEWS for the sweet pair of Chihuahua boys Ren and Stimpy and for Queenie the Cocker Spaniel mix. In his first email reply to me today, the Animal Care Technician Javier Lopez said "adopted" but in second one (see below) he said "rescued." 
I don't know which rescue organizations but if I find out I will update their posts. Thanks to all who helped these three cuties get out of jail.
On Sat, Oct 14, 2017 at 10:49 AM, Javier Lopez <> wrote:
Ren and Stimpy Same rescue.
Quenie different rescue.
10/6 update: I discovered Stimpy today thanks to seeing the 9/13 Instagram post by the Pet Care Foundation. He is part of the bonded pair of Ren and Stimpy (please click to view), so I made a new post for them, and a new post for Queenie (please click to view).
10/2 POST
The shelter is extremely stressful for all pets.
Queenie is in the following 1-minute video on Instagram:
9/28 POST
Look at the brief video (below) Robert Cabral posted for these two 12-year-old cuties. They were both owner-surrendered, Queenie due to landlord issues on August 30th, and Ren was surrendered August 20th. Even if you just want to adopt one, maybe your cousins or besties would like to adopt the other and then you could have play dates! Of course a good rescue organization could get them out of the pound as well as an adopter. The contact is the West Los Angeles shelter. Queenie may be visually-impaired, but ask the shelter for more info. She is just 15 pounds and Ren only 4 pounds, per what the shelter wrote on Petharbor: