Thursday, October 5, 2017

DFW TX: Two Dogs Need Homes ASAP - Laid-back #GSD Mom Abuela and her son the Playful mix Boomer

Contact: Cecilia Terrones <>

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Cecilia issued a plea in September for rescue/adoption of her two dogs. This is the info we have from her as of Oct. 5, 2017:

My dad rescued Abuela (about 6 years old) from a puppy mill type of situation 4 years ago, I am not really familiar with where she was or what was going on, I just know my dad brought her home and we didn't know what breed she was because she was so thin, missing hair, one of her legs was badly hurt and she had heart worms. My dad had her for 3 years and then he got married and his spouse brought with her 3 more dogs, so then I took Abuela a year ago because she was not very happy and comfortable with all the new pups and couldn't really rest. Abuela is very calm and likes to be by herself, she is not very active and enjoys time on her own.

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Boomer (about 2 years old) is Abuela's son, my dad had him until February this year. He wanted to keep him but his spouse would not allow Boomer in the house so my fiance and I decided to get him healthy and see if we could keep him forever but we have had him for 6 months now and we are just not a good fit for him. Boomer is playful and very smart and needs a family that is active and has a big back yard.

They are both fixed and heartworm negative. They are both fully vaccinated, no fleas or ticks and I have all of their vet paperwork to prove it. They can go to separate homes, they care for each other but their personalities are quite different due to the age gap and they both like to do completely different stuff.

I just cannot take care of them anymore and need to find a home for them ASAP. ​

​Boomer comes with a large kennel and both will come with food/water bowls, toys, food, leashes/harness.​

Cecilia Terrones