Sunday, October 1, 2017

Hamilton IL: Urgent. Breeder releases including #Bulldogs, #Mastiff, #Husky, #Maltese / #Shihtzu ALL NEED RESCUE!

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Date: Sat, Sep 30, 2017 at 7:37 PM
Subject: Hamilton, IL: WHCR Breeder releases, bulldogs, mastiff, husky, maltese/shihtzu, ALL NEEDING RESCUE!
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Hamilton, IL: West Hancock Canine Rescue.  The dogs below are all breeder releases (breeder done using them and gave them to me).  They are not aggressive and good with other dogs.  If you can help, please email
Breeder release Male, Victorian bulldog, 2 years old and female Olde Victorian bulldog 6 years old.  Both are fine with other dogs and sweet dogs!  They are both BIG dogs!!
Breeder release 8 year old female husky, her tail has been amputated L  She is great with other dogs, sweet but somewhat shy.
Breeder release female 5 years old, 40lbs American bulldog.  Great with other dogs, very sweet tail wagging girl J
Breeder release (was once a housedog L), shihtzu/maltese, 10 years old, loves women, not so much men.
Breeder release female mastiff, 5 years old, petite girl (for a mastiff) 70ish lbs. Sweet girl!!!  Fine with other dogs.