Sunday, October 15, 2017

#Queens #NYC NY: Urgent. New Home Needed for Sweet BONDED PAIR of Spayed #Cats - Owner in Nursing Home

Bonded pair Sandra (black, 13 yrs old) and Angel (gray, 8 yrs old)
need a new loving home. Their elderly human mom is in nursing home. Contact her niece Jane Denny (famous for The Pride Cartoon) at

Here is Jane's plea as of October 15, 2017:
My aunt is 91 in hospital, just diagnosed with kidney cancer. She’s 98% disabled; aides and neighbors have been doing all her cat care. She has two female, spayed, lovely cats. Sandra, all black, is a sweet but timid 13 year old, in good health. Angel is an all gray, very friendly 8 year old former feral rescue with occasional outdoor privileges. They are best friends and inseparable. Future is bleak for them if events overtake before they are rehomed. Please PM me if interested in giving two gorgeous, loving, mature girls a home. Can help with food and medical.