Sunday, January 14, 2018

Douglasville GA: GOOD NEWS! RE: Owner in Dire Straits - 4 cats need rescue ASAP!

HOORAY! A rescue just committed to taking them a week from Monday/Tuesday.
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The rescue is Half the Way Home. They welcome donations and of course, fosters and volunteers:  Welcome to HTWH!

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Contact Mike Chiulli at 678 - 988 - 6441
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Subject: Douglasville, GA - Owner in Dire Straights - 4 cats need rescue asap!
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Desperate Situation!

Mike was given 1 year to live back in 2014. When they discovered the cancer in his bladder, they told him they needed to take everything from his bellybutton on down. Consequently, he has had most of his lower organs and parts removed: bladder, intestines, prostate and other things that he says made him think he'd be better off dead. He says he's been pretty much "gutted," has had a pulminary embolism twice, and had his heart stop. He has a lot of tubes, and is in a lot of pain. 

As you can imagine, he has lost almost everything, including his wife, who left him because she said she couldn't watch him die. He can't afford food for the cats, and says they are hungry. He is in such bad shape finacially that he can't even afford to buy replacement bags for his colostomy. 

Because he can't care for himself, he has to give up his house, and move in with someone out of state. That someone is a relative who is also physically infirm (cancer, I believe he said). He will be leaving in a matter of weeks because he can't do anything for himself anymore. He can't even bend down to pat the cats.

Sadly, he has been unable to find any real help. He has been given advice however. People have told him to [gruesome advice deleted].

The situation is critical, and he needs help now. Mike is praying for help, and is sitting by the phone, hoping for a miracle. Calls are only way to reach him.

Mike's description of the cats:
  • Black and white is Molly 10 years 4 lbs (kicked a rat off of her when she was a tiny kitten. The rat was literally eating her). 
  • Calico is Cally 5 years, 8 lbs. 
  • Big tan is called Sucky, I didn't name him. 8 lbs, 10 years old.
  • White boy 7 lbs, 7 years old. 
All are fixed, and all have had initial vaccines. The dog was taken by someone already.

Please help if you can!

Mike Chiulli