Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Houston TX: Urgent Rescue Grace A1531162 the 4-yr-old #Bulldog mix hit by motorist.

Grace needs a rescuer.
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Many are interested but no one has committed.
1/9/18 Morning Email from BARC

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Amazing Grace went on a little ride yesterday to get x-rays. Below is the analysis from North Durham Clinic and x-rays attached. 

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Sent: Monday, January 08, 2018 4:17 PM

Grace A1531162 Write-up
Presentation: Paraparesis

Analysis: Collapse of intervertebral disc space L1-L2.  Urinary bladder unidentified. Possible urinary bladder rupture.  Hip dysplasia

Conclusion: Possibly ruptured urinary bladder, intervertebral disc disease

Recommendation: Steroid or non-steroid anti-inflammatory treatment is warranted.  MRI or CT at a neurology practice can be considered if no improvement.  Further testing for urinary bladder rupture is warranted.

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Subject: 01-06-18 A1531162 Urgent plea for injured dog

This sweet girl is pretty amazing.  When she came in she was dragging her legs behind her.  She has a dog bed in her kennel and she is able to get her back legs over the side of the dog bed.  I was waiting to make sure that she could urinate and deficate before deciding to plea her.  She is just so friendly and loving and even though she is in pain she still smiles and wants affection.
 Hind end paralysis, very sweet and friendly

dog came in as an injured stray.  She is down in both rear legs.  Her rear feet knuckle but she does not right them.  She is not moving her tail.  She is low heartworm positive and friendly.  She was noted to have defecated today but has not been seen to urinate
a:  possible hit by car with hindend paralysis
p:  outreach to decide on plea and will need to monitor for urination/defecation and manually express her bladder if she is not urinating.  Will take her one day at a time to evaluate the extent of her paralysis.

1/6/18 defecated and urinated in kennel this morning. Em