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Statesville NC: Urgent #rescues needed for impounded #GreatDane Mix beaten by owners, Young #Doberman, and Injured #Catahoula

Breed Placement Package pdf from the shelter is:

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Date: Jan 2, 2018 8:15 PM
Subject: Statesville, NC - Great Dane Mix beat by owners, Young Doberman, Injured Catahoula>> Need Rescue ASAP!!! Share Far & Wide!!!
See pics/info., below. Please crosspost.

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Subject: Statesville, NC - Great Dane Mix beat by owners, Young Doberman, Injured Catahoula>> Need Rescue ASAP!!! Share Far & Wide!!!


Original email sent out: 1/2/18

These animals are located at Iredell County Animal Services in Statesville, NC!
At this time, Iredell County Animal Services does NOT have transport "connections" so it will be UP TO THE RESCUE wanting to pull the animal to coordinate transport!
Please email Tina at : and please provide the animals name (and/or Animal ID#), your name and the rescue group you are affiliated with!
If your rescue is new to pulling from ICAS you MUST submit the Breed Placement Package (attached) BEFORE any hold or transport will be planned (it is quickest to complete and send in if you are inquiring about an animal)!

Cadence (A220018) is about a year young and we think he might have some Great Dane in him. Poor Cadence hasn't had an easy life. He was confiscated after reports of abuse were made. Cadence's owners are now facing court, but have surrendered him over to the shelter. Now that he has been surrendered we can try and find him placement. Cadence was beat by his former owner and the child in the home. He is weary of new people, especially when in his kennel. Once out of his kennel he seems to warm up quickly, but is still weary of children. We have noticed that Cadence seems to become protective of his area (kennel), but with those he knows he has no issues with allowing them to get in the kennel with him. This 60-65 lb boy can be stubborn. He likes to be inside and is often carried outside when we have to clean his kennel in the mornings (hey, who can blame him, it's cold out there). He has shown to be very loving and really just needs stability where he can be shown that people can be trusted. He can be nervous, but who wouldn't be after what he has been through, but is also very goofy! He has shown to do well with other dogs, but is still working on his leash manners as he can pull. Cadence deserves more than being on a chain and being beat by people who are supposed to love and care for him. Even after living through the hell of being beat with a pipe and beaten on Cadence still wants to still trust people. It may take him more time, but he deserves our patience after all he has been through.

Intake date: 10/26/17
Needs to be CLAIMED and OUT OF THE SHELTER by 5pm on: 01/09/18

Pharaoh (A178080) is a 4 year young, Doberman Pinscher that was surrendered to the shelter. This poor guy has been suffering from a skin issues for awhile now and has not been getting the treatment he needs since January 2016. Pharaoh was missing most of his fur, his eyes were goopy and his nails were over grown. This poor boy felt miserable, but was still so very sweet! Hi vet records stated he was skin scraped and it was negative. We also did a skin scrape and it was negative. Sadly though, Pharaoh is heartworm positive. We are reaching out to rescue groups for help with this super sweet and gentle guy. We have even discovered that Pharaoh knows some commands. He knows sit, shake (both paws), down, speak, gentle. He is very food motivated and everyone loves this guy!

Intake date: 12/20/17
Needs to be CLAIMED and OUT OF THE SHELTER by 5pm on: 1/9/18

Boone (A223219) came in as a stray with another dog. They were picked up as strays that had been hanging around someone's home for about a week and would not leave. The finder stated that they noticed that Boone had been limping for the last 2 days. Our Officer posted several houses in hopes to relocate the owner, but so far no one has stepped forward for Boone or the other dog. We do not have a way to do radiographs, which is what Boone really needs, but our vet did do an exam on him. Boone weighs about 62 lbs. He will not put weight on his left rear leg. His thigh area was swollen and painful on palpation. It is possible that Boone has a fractured proximal femur, dislocation, pelvic fracture or something else, but without radiographs it is hard to say. He has been using the restroom and is so very sweet. Though his stray hold is not up until the 4th we want to reach out to groups to try and get a plan set up for him ASAP. He has not yet had a full exam so we are not sure of his age or his heartworm status. Due to his injury we will not be dog testing him, but he did come in with male dog of about equal size. Boone is VERY sweet and gentle. He has beautiful blue merle markings.

Intake date: 12/28/17
Needs to be CLAIMED and OUT OF THE SHELTER by 5pm on: 1/5/18 due to medical needs!

Tina Davidson
Administrative Shelter Assistant/Rescue & Adoptions Coordinator
430 Bristol Drive
Statesville, NC 28677

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