Sunday, February 18, 2018

#Houston TX: GOOD NEWS! RE: Extremely urgent.Three beautiful #cats scheduled to be returned wild.

GOOD NEWS for Ms Kitty, Tiger and Mickey. That was a close call, but all three of these cats have rescue and are being picked up from the BARC shelter by 5:30PM today 2/18/18. Please support your favorite rescue organizations!
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Date: Sun, Feb 18, 2018 at 8:56 AM
Subject: 02-18-18 cats scheduled to be returned wild A1537959

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These three beautiful cats are scheduled to be fixed and then released wild.  Ms. Kitty and Mickey are still showing the same behavior, Tiger is now calmer and allowed me to pet him this morning.

Please let us know if you can help any of these beauties.



A1535069 - 24 hr calm down, cat presented stiff body, tucked tail, whale eyes, back ears, and was hissing when Caitlen attempted to open kennel MC 1/27/2018
Still hissing and growling, and stays in her retreat space all day. Cat is an owner surrender, appears overweight and is spayed per OTI (would need to have vets verify). Would like to keep and see if behavior improves before deciding on tnr as this was once an owned cat. 01/30/18 09:36 VS

Tiger comes up to the front of the kennel and will rub her body on the kennel door. Allows to be pet and scratched. Please attempt to work up :) 01/31/18 09:20 VS

Cat has been hissing and swiping very aggresively towards any one who walks near her. She hid in the lobby tree and wouldnt let any one touch her. ACT Caitlyn was able to capture her in a transfer kennel and placed her in Eval. I dont think Tiger would be a good candidate for adoption due to behavior.

This AM Tiger was at the front of her kennel rubbing her body on the kennel door and meowing in a friendly manner. She allowed me to pet her and accepted wet food. -VS

A1537833 - Cat hides in box and will hiss, while averting gaze and hiding her face. She has not tried to lunge or bite. Will continue to monitor and work on behavior. -VS

Still hiding in box and hissing, tenses up when touched and scrunches herself up to be smaller. Only comes out to eat and defecate/urinate at night once we are gone.

A1537959 - this is an owner surrender cat.  He was put on vet eval to verify neuter and to check extra skin on lower lip.  Cat is in box in kennel hissing, growling and has ears pinned.  Unable to handle due to behavior
cage aggressive behavior
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