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#Houston #TX: 3/22 GOOD NEWS RE:3-13-18 Urgent. Courage the 5-month-old Hearing-impaired #Dog A1542605

Yay. Good news in the final hours. RescuedPetsMovement has a hold on Courage and he will be picked up by this evening. Please consider donating to the rescue group or helping in other ways such as fostering. That was a very close call for Courage, as the shelter issued a final last chance plea yesterday. 
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A plea was sent for this deaf pup last week and we got no response.  The foster who had him can no longer keep him and he also now has URI/Kennel cough.  Our hospital ward is full and he will need a hold before 12pm Thursday and to be picked up by 530pm Thursday.
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We have a  deaf pup that was taken off the Euth list and in foster care with one of our employees.  He was abandoned at a vet clinic. 
While at BARC he does not show well in a cage and gets frustrated.  The BARC employee who has him can only keep until this Thursday. Below is a picture of him with the fosters pet dog. She also has an infant in the house and no issues with kids.  We would hate to put him back in a cage at BARC and freak him out again.  


3/5/18 Whines/yelps continuously in kennel. Dog does not respond to my voice or hand claps. Deaf?? Ljones

Screams/whines all morning. When I tied him to the wall it was the same reactions. I tied tossing treat to distract but keeps screaming. RH 3/6/18

Foster notes
I have been working with him and what has been working is covering his kennel and placing plenty of enrichments. In the mornings I leave the kennel covered until its his turn to get clean. If I leave it open he begins to scream/whine. RH 3/8/18
Courage has been in foster care with Candy for several days, and he has been a star. Her four-year-old daughter has renamed him Bingo, he loves playing rough and rowdy with his adult dog buddy, and he happily snoozes on the couch. He is VERY likely deaf. He is also extremely charming, full of life and energy, and very teachable. Candy has already taught him to sit, and he has been very tolerant of handling. Whoever falls in love with him will need to teach him sign language, but we've done that before with deaf dogs and it's a really neat thing. He also would probably do best in a home with another dog to help show him the ropes.

south gessner pet clinic
vaccinations done on 3/2/18 at vet clinic
parvo 1 yr
rabies canine

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