Friday, June 1, 2018

Ozone Park, NYC NY: 6/1 Update RE: Scully the 2-yr-old #CarolinaDog

6/1 Claudia says Scully will be with a foster soon. There will be an update this weekend. Meanwhile, Scully is accepting applications for adoption and has two new photos :-)

5/23 POST
5/23 Claudia reports there is a possible foster on the horizon for Scully, but crossposting is still welcome. A photographer will be taking new photos soon.
5/17 POST

Contact Claudia PD on Facebook
(alternative contact info herebelow)

Scully really wants to go out and play, but she is not a fan of the rain; we know how you feel. Scully is not afraid of thunder and calm in the home when it's terrible out. She's looking for a forever home that is located in a not too hectic area with a yard so she may roll and run. Scully is leash reactive and her trainers have done a great job of curbing that behavior, which is why she needs an experienced owner who is able to lead and take the alpha roll.


Homes in NY, NJ, CT and PA considered. Ask if you're on the border and unsure. 
Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue