Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Big Bear CA: 7/11 Video! RE: Urgent! Rescue or Adopt Elton and Carl the Bonded pair of 13-yr-old senior mixed breed #dogs. Their human mom died.

7/11 update. The boys are still urgent. They would benefit from immediate and complete medical exams if only there were a kind sponsor who could provide this for them. Please network for them. The daughter will be moving to Seattle WA around July 22. I have not heard whether she can consider taking Elton and Carl to a rescue in the Seattle area if one steps up for the boys, but will update this link as soon as I hear back. Elton and Carl need to have a rescue plan solidified by then. The contact is their kind neighbor Jacqueline at Please look at their cute 18-second video which the daughter provided.
6/27 POST
🎶 Elton and Carl Need New Home 🎶
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From: Kenneth Cain
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Need to find a home for these 2 elderly dogs.
The owner passed away recently of lung cancer. The black one is about 13 years old mixed breed male named Elton. The brown one is about 13 as well, mixed breed and his name is Carl. They are both very sweet and need to be adopted together, as they would not survive without each other, especially after losing their mother to cancer. They are currently in Big Bear, CA. The daughter is staying at the house for a short time to get ready to sell the house, so they need to find a kind loving home for them as soon as possible as she is wrapping things up very soon. Please email Jacqueline at for contact or any questions.
Thank you