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UPDATE: HELP HELP! Carthage, Illinois (Hancock County Dog Pound)-New dogs NEED HELP! Please take a look OVERFULL


Anissa Sadeghi

7:23 AM (3 hours ago)
to Anissa
Good morning! I wanted to give an update of where things stand and which ones still need rescue help. Updates in red below.  Thank you!

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Sent: Friday, June 8, 2018 9:00 AM
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Subject: HELP HELP! Carthage, Illinois (Hancock County Dog Pound)-New dogs NEED HELP! Please take a look OVERFULL

OVER WHELMED!! No offers!Carthage, Illinois Hancock County Dog Pound===
Our pound is overfull right now!! More dogs coming in and dogs waiting to come in.  Dogs will be PTS anytime.  We need help, please! BEGGING, please take a look and if you can rescue, adopt or sponsor, please email if you can help save them!!
Abbie is a sweet outgoing social girl who loves everyone and all other dogs! He is a happy girl who is stressed at the pound L  She was dumped at the pound 2 weeks ago and running out of time. She is a walker hound mix, around 50lbs and maybe 3-4 years old.

Ranger is a handsome male boxer/bully mix, under a year old, around 40lbs, great with everyone! He is super sweet and polite J He was found stray over two weeks ago and not reclaimed, he is out of time.
Gretel is a darling older border collie female. She is around 25lbs, 7+ years old, gentle and very very sweet!! She was found stray and not reclaimed.
NO OFFERS: Sid is a young male husky boxer intact male. He is around a year old, lanky, 50lbsish.
Major is a 7 year old male full german shepherd. Very sweet boy. Please email me for details.
NO OFFERS:Cate is a beautiful female staffshire. She is around 2 guessing. She was dumped at a humane society here and they called animal control to come get her along with Cappie. She has lots of energy, listens to commands. She will now be PTS if she isn’t rescued.
NO OFFERS:Cappie is a male, around 1-2 years old staffshire. He is super sweet and social, very polite and fine with other dogs. He was dumped at a humane society and they called animal control to come pick him up. He wasn’t allowed to stay there so now he is on death row.
RESCUE HOLD: Cowboy, male intact blue Australian cattledog. Such a beautiful boy! He was dumped yesterday at the pound, guessing he is around 3-4 years old.
RESCUE HOLD: Clarke is a sweet young under a year old male cattledog. He is around 35lbs, fine with other dogs, sweet and social.
This is our county dog pound. This is where every stray dog in Hancock County ends up. We don’t have many resources and little community support. If anyone can help with raising funds for some new industrial fans to help cool the dogs off.  There is no air conditioning. We also need cleaning supplies (bleach, dish soap, trash bags, pine-sol) shade screens for the catch pen out front. Dogs are left out there and shade is desperately needed to help keep a dog from dying from the sun. If you can help, our paypal is
Thank you!!
6/7/18 POST