Monday, June 18, 2018

#LosAngeles: SOS! Couple is divorcing. Two Boy Cats age 9 & 10 Being Given Up. Movers will be there 6/24!

Per Christine Brown, the husband can donate $100 per cat. His number is 214-244-4276. See below, the movers come on the 24th! The pawrents are moving to Texas.
Christine Brown
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To: Christine Brown 

Hey Christine,

Thanks for the quick reply! Attaching pictures of them. Yes, they are both fixed and up to date on their vaccinations as of January this year.

The orange one (Ninja) is 10. He's a real people person (they both are). He loves laying in people's laps and is very insistent on it. Even strangers who come to our house for the first time, he'll jump right on. He's a talker, meows all the time when he wants attention or is hungry. He's also very kid friendly. Our daughter would carry him around as soon as she learned to walk, and he would put up with a lot from her.

The gray one (Pirate) is 9. He's not as much of a lap cat as Ninja, but when he decides he wants on your lap he won't let you say no. He's a big guy, roughly 25lbs. He loves to hang around while you're eating and slowly sneak his way towards your food.

They are both very easy going friendly cats and deserve a good home. This was unexpected for all of us and our lives are changing drastically. I wish I knew the future and was able to provide a place for them back home in Texas, but unfortunately, I don't even know how long I'll be living with my parents before I can find a job and a place of my own.

Thanks for your help!

-Jeff Giron

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Subject: Help find a home for two cats
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Message: My wife and I are goin through a divorce, moving back to our home state, and moving in with our parents for a while. As a result we are unable to keep our two cats we've had for 9 and 10 years. Unfortunately this is sudden and happening quickly (the movers come on Sunday June 24th). I want to avoid taking them to a shelter, so any assistance in finding them a home or a place to stay in the interim would be greatly appreciated.
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