Saturday, June 23, 2018

USA: Fostering a Shelter Pet NOW during Fireworks Season Saves Lives!

USAPets and wildlife suffer during this time of year due to fireworks. L.A. Animal Services in the City of  Los Angeles circulated a good description of the overcrowding that typically happens at shelters nationwide during this time. If you can foster one or more pets wherever you live it what happens is that you would help two pets. It would help the dog or cat or other soul you foster, and also open up their spot at the pound for a pet who gets startled, escapes and runs to get away from the calamity, then gets lost and (either struck by motorists or) impounded. Even fostering for a relatively short time can be helpful. Check out your local shelter to inquire whether fosters are needed. By the way, at L.A. Animal Services June 23 and 24 is a special CHI-PITTY-KITTY weekend with reduced pet adoption rates at all City of L.A. animal shelters. See their message HERE