Houston TX Pets at BARC & Nearby - CRITICAL

Some updates from BARC re what people can do to help in the aftermath of #HurricanHarvey may be seen at:

The Houston area in Texas is an especially tragic place for homeless pets. Here is a short list of places that all need good people to help. Adopters, fosters, donors, photographers, transporters, social media gurus and others are valuable to deathrow and abandoned pets who are suffering. Even simply putting a feed from Petharbor or other relevant site onto your own website would help.

BARC is the municipal shelter in Houston
BARC's Facebook page
Friends of BARC

Per Petharbor.com, following are other shelters within 20 miles of Houston, searchable for adoptable, lost and found pets:

  • City of Sugarland Animal Services, Sugarland TX
  • Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services, Houston TX
  • Pasadena Animal Control and Adoption, Pasadena TX
  • Pearland Animal Control and Adoption Center, Pearland TX


Northside Shelters - by Northside Rescue Houston (Harris BARC Adoptable)

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BARC Animals Available for Adoption
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Betty's Adoptable Sanctuary Dogs in Iola TX. Please help get these dogs their own homes: