How To

ADOPT-How to Promote/Find a New Pet
Dog Rescue Network - online since 2001 
DMOZ - Enter your ideal in the search field and you can find it on DMOZ
Petbond - Pet Adoption, Care and Event Guide - also has pets for sale so wouldn't recommend
Petfinder - Online Pet Adoption 
Pet Search Party 
ReHomeYourPets - make a free online promo for your own pet or one you are advocating for
Shelter Exchange 

Related links:
How to adopt a stray dog from Sochi
How Canada became a haven for world's unwanted dogs -
Pets being brought north from other states - Scott Pelley, CBS News
At the Shelter - Choosing the Right Dog for Yourself - Petfinder 

ADOPTERS - How To Screen Potential (screening potential adopters, potential rescuers, and potential transporters is generally the same process)
Why one should never offer a pet "free to good home"
How I Failed as a Rescuer: Lessons from a Sanctuary - Jessica Dolce

ADOPTION---How to increase adoptions

Plenty of Homes Exist in NJ for Dogs and Cats
Proof: Cuter Names Help Shelter Animals Get Adopted Faster
A Simple Tip to Increase Pet Adoptions - Pawsitively Texas 
Increasing Pet Adoptions and Live Release Rates - Pawsitively Texas 
Successful Adoptions - Animal Farm Foundation - "Creating successful adoptions begins before the adopters walk through your doors!"
Adoption Counseling - Another tip sheet from Animal Farm Foundation 
Under our Wing - Tips from The Rescue Train of Los Angeles
Photographing Shelter Pets - Purina One
Photographing Shelter Pets - Huffington Post
Photographing Shelter Pets - Casey Post volunteers for Medina County SPCA in Seville OH | YesBiscuit! Guest Post 
Muttbombing and Personal Ads: Pawsome Ways Dogs Are Getting Adopted - ilovedogs 
Adoption---How to Produce Videos to Find Homes for Homeless Pets

Animal Law

Abandonment is a crime in all 50 states
Animal law - find info about 
Animal Abusers---How to Report
Instructions for reporting animal abusers and pedophiles to INTERPOL - Our CompassAnimal abuse - How to report - Occupy for Animasl
What to do if you see animal cruelty on the Internet - TheDodo 
Ending Animal Abuse 

ANIMAL RESCUE GROUPS---How to start and manage them
Rescue Resources - Humane Society of the USA  
Animal Protection Societies - Management Resources by World Animal Net
Petfinder - Want to Start an Animal Shelter?
Best Practices Manual by Kyla Duffy of Up for Pups
NON-PROFIT---How to form a 501(c)3
Petfinder - Obtaining 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Status
"Your Own" Nonprofit: The Language of Founder's Syndrome 
NON-PROFIT---How to manage one
From The NonProfit Times - bonanza of tips for non-profit management
Six Business Benefits of Slideshare - Good for government and nonprofits as well

Be Polite---How to

Be Polite - a WikiHow article
Netiquette - a whole website re Internet manners
Email Etiquette - 21 tips from CareerInsider
8 Issues Of Manners In Today’s Business World
reddiquette -  excellent guidelines from
Train the kids
The sound of Barking is bad for people's health - Editorial in Augusta Chronicle

Be The Change

BlogPaws Little Book of Big Change
Write a Letter to the Editor like Angela Wade-Allred did in 2011 about the barbarism of GAS CHAMBERS being used in USA 

BED---How to make an elevated pet bed similar to Kurandas

Pet Project - DIY Elevated Dog Bed (I am sure cats would like it too)


How To Start A Blog
How to Set Up a Blog - Beginner's Guide at Mahalo
WordPress vs Tumblr vs Blogger - Mashable 
40+ Free Blog Hosts - Mashable
6 Tips for Building a High Quality Blog Following  - Mashable
8 Sites like Tumblr - Hubspot
SETT  - High-engagement blogging 
Blogging for Pet Rescue or Any Topic
How to Write a Blog Post that People will Notice - BlogPaws
10 Blogging Resolutions for the New Year by Independent Fashion Bloggers
Use photos on your blog (or elsewhere) without breaking the law 
ProBlogger's Guide to Your First Week of Blogging  
10 Blogs about Blogs - Hubspot
The Dodo Community
Blogger Plugins 

BOOK - How to publish your

Five free easy ways to publish ebooks


List of black tongued dogs -
Dogs with Spotted or Blue Tongues 
About Coonhounds


Guinea Pig Cages, Your Cavy at Home
Outdoor Cat Enclosures

CATS---How to care for

Play Therapy - Jackson Galaxy, Dr. Jean Hofve (Little Big Cat)
Maddie's Fund Learning Tracks - wealth of info
5 Secrets of Supremely Happy Indoor Cats
Cat-in-the-Bag - Cloth carrier 
Orphan Kitten Information and Care
Forgotten Felines - Comprehensive info on a multitude of issues
How to introduce your cat to your new baby human - Dr. Chapman  
The Pet Nutrition Alliance an independent not-for-profit organization that provides resources to the veterinary community with regard to pet nutrition. Website is geared for veterinary teams, yet equally usable by pet owners. 
FeLV and FIV positive kitties---How to take care of them
What a Cat Owner Needs to Know about FIV 
5 Reasons You Shouldn't Fear FIV in Cats - Catster 
PurringPixie Yahoo Group has long list of information on taking care of FeLV and FIV positive kitties as well as other topics such as searching for lost pets, finding pet-friendly housing, and more. 
Feline Practitioner Guidelines - FIV & FeLV
Cat Sanctuary booklet re their FIV kitties 
Marley Fund - specializing in education and other help for FIV & FeLV cats 
Feline Assisted Feeding Yahoo Group - nutrition for your ill kitty

Feral Cats---How to help them
Best Friends Feral Resources
How do I start TNR in My Own Neighborhood - Foundation for Homeless Cats 
Another deadly winter comes to an end - Riverhead News Review  
How to introduce and integrate feral cats in new foster or forever home 
Trapping Feral Cats 

COMPASSION FATIGUE---How to get help for

Compassion Fatigue - The Disorder of the Caring | Montreal Dog Blog
Stop Neglecting Yourself - Burnout vs. Compassion Fatigue in Animal Rescue - Notes from a Dogwalker 
A Colleague's Suicide Opens Our Pandora's Box - VIN (Veterinary Information Network)

DIABETES - Learning about pet diabetes

DOGS--How to care for

Maddie's Fund Learning Tracks - wealth of info
Feeding an emaciated dog
Satin Balls
Another link re Satin Balls
Center Your Health: Doggies Like Healthy Food Too
Switch Your Dog to a Home Cooked Vegan Diet 
Risks of Retractable Leashes - Sarah Wilson Dog Expert
Deaf Dogs If you want to discuss general aspects of living with and training deaf dogs, behavior problems, health issues, communication by signing, etc. go to or join the Yahoo deaf dogs group,
Pet Doors - Doctors Foster & Smith 
Resource Guarding - 
The Pet Nutrition Alliance an independent not-for-profit organization that provides resources to the veterinary community with regard to pet nutrition. Website is geared for veterinary teams, yet equally usable by pet owners.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE---How to find shelter for human and pet victims video - less than 2 minutes long
How women and their pets can find safe haven - video. Doggeek, Victoria Stilwell, Huffington Post 


Pet Fire Safety - American Red Cross
Pet Evacuation, Pet Friendly Emergency Shelters, Disaster Preparedness for Pets
What to do in an emergency situation 
Preparedness Guide - a resource which also includes links to:
Homeowners Guide to Lightning SafetyPreparing for Disasters in Your Home: What to Buy, What to SkipEmergency Preparedness and PetsImportant Legal Documents for Emergency PreparednessEmergency Preparedness for SeniorsHow to Organize and Prepare for Disasters 

FENCE---How to build "Coalition to Unchain Dogs" GREAT VIDEO ABOUT 1,000TH FENCE
How to Build a Fence - detailed video by Coalition to Unchain Dogs 
Download "How to Build a Fence" PDF 
How to build a CAT FENCE for domestic cats and homed feral cats (not feral cat colonies)---Alley Cat Allies
Wildlife Friendly Fencing


Possible sources for financial aid for veterinary care -
Resources to Turn To if you are having trouble affording veterinary care for your dog -
Having Trouble Affording Your Pet? The Humane Society of the United States
Help exists for those struggling to pay veterinary bills - VIN (Veterinary Information Network) 
Financial Assistance for Veterinary Care - Speaking for Spot: Dog Health Care Tips and Veterinary Advice
FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE - list of organizations
The Sergei Foundation, Inc. is a North Carolina non-profit organization (501c3) that provides veterinary financial aid to those families who cannot afford emergency care when there's no place else to turn; because you can't turn your head when they're family.
All Pets Wellness Foundation 
Resources - from The Donation Depot Yahoo Group (join and help others or post to seek help)
From the Heart Rescue - dog rescue in Canutillo, Texas - website has list of resources
Animal Services - Olympia WA

FLEAS---How to Treat and Prevent
Fleas - How to Get Rid of Them Naturally - from Who I Am, I am

FOOD ASSISTANCE FOR PETS---Find organizations who help
Meals on Wheels for Seniors (W.A.L.O.P. We All Love Our Pets)

Why I Foster Cats - Debra Hoffmann Knowles
Temporary Cat Fostering - Facebook community for cats needing temporary foster homes
Puppy Mill Dogs - Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project, Inc. 

FUNDRAISING---How to Raise Funds

Social Media to Raise Money, Recruit Volunteers, and Save More Lives - Free 60-minute webinar 
Consult files and post message at The Donation Depot Yahoogroup: 
Animal Wish List Yahoogroup:
How to run an online auction - BiddingForGood's Learning Center
Top 10 Fundraising Tips by Guidestar
All About Facebook Groups for Fundraising
How to Raise Money on Facebook
Facebook Promotion Tips for Animal Rescue Groups and Shelters - Wish Lists
If this Wish List is for an organization, please create a profile that helps visitors to your list identify your organization. Your full shipping address will be displayed on the list, as well as your Web site URL. If you are a tax-exempt charity, please include your 501(c)(3) number in your Unique Facts."
Which Celebrities Donate to Wildlife?
Crowdfunding sites
Socialbrite reviews numerous sites that help causes  The post is from 2010 but lists many useful fundraising sites. The comments section is full of numerous more tips from readers on even more sites. When you click on the listed sites you will of course get current info, and the site itself is rich. 
Indiegogo fundraiser for Karen Klein the Bus Monitor who was bullied by middle schoolers is a record-breaker :-) and see Washington Post blog post here too
Gift-giving with strings attached - Dr. Bill Baker (video)
Fundraising tips, tools and resources - from RedRover
This is how Partners with Clayton Co. Animal Control in Jonesboro GA fundraises for urgent dogs on Facebook
Partners with Clayton County Animal Control Scooter is safe! And we are changing the way we do things to help dogs at Partners w/Clayton County Animal Control (AKA Partners for Pets)!! Pls pay your pledges from now on to our fundrazr links, located directly beneath each dogs picture. By receiving pledges up front this ensures ppl do not forget to honour and rescues will receive their sponsorship money faster, enabling them to help us more often. The hours we spend every week chasing pledges, can be better spent monitoring our page, replying to queries, finding new rescues to help us and developing new ways to network our dogs like Twitter and Instagram. Our fundrazr links will end 24 hours after a dog is rescued so pls check our albums regularly. If you would like to send sponsorship after this time, pls send to, check "gift" and quote dogs ID and name if your payment is for a specific dog or “general funds” if it is to help all of our dogs. Or mail a check to Partners for Pets Inc, PO Box 2181, Jonesboro, GA 30237. Thank you Partners!! Did you know we are now on Twitter & Instagram? You can find us on Instagram as "partners_for_pets" and on Twitter we are "@CCACPartners" (April 25, 2013)

HOUSING---How to Find Pet-Friendly Housing
North Hollywood Landlord insists her Tenants have Pet or else Move 
Annoying Neighbors - Got Peace?
Dog People Only Need Apply  - Becoming a Pet-Friendly Landlord
Pets and Landlords - article by Marie Atake 
PETA article
Pits are enthusiastically welcomed at this Davis CA complex
Pet-friendly apartments database for USA
Los Angeles area Artiste Apartments at 323-692-9366 
Apartment List 
Tenants' Rights to Keep a Service Animal - PAWS/L.A. 
Pets and People Homefinders at 310-398-6683 - domain for sale but has links to useful sites
Pet-friendly Apartments - USA directory


Pit-friendly insurance companies -

JOBS - How to find in non-profit sector 

LOST PETS---How to find them

Microchip Maze -
Microchip Registry
Lost Dogs of America 
Create an Emergency Web Page for a LOST pet
The Internet Lost & Found 
Post for LOST PETS on Facebook, for example:
Safeguard against DOG NAPPERS
FAQ for Stray, Wayward & Lost Pets - from SE Pet Rescue Railroad
Under our Wing - Tips from The Rescue Train of Los Angeles 
Missing Pet Partnership - Search and Rescue for Lost Pets
We don't recommend offering rewards 
Granite State Dog Recovery  - guidelines for what to do when your pet is lost
How to find a missing or lost dog - by Karin TarQwyn
How to Approach Your Lost Dog - Lost Dogs of Wisconsin
Searching for lost pets --- lots of detailed tips for lost cat behavior 
Cats in the Bag - General Pet Search Tips
Alabama Pet Registry---Tips for finding LOST PETS 
LOST DOG tips - Santa Barbara Vizsla Rescue 

Great tips for using videos in social media
Network via blogging to save pets lives - PRWeb from 2010 by Liz Marshall
Write an effective post, animal alert, or Letter to the Editor or other media
Short Guide to Good Copy  
Email Etiquette 
How to use bcc in emails - Wikihow
Use social media to circulate alerts efficiently
How to Promote Your Blog with Networked Blogs
SO-CAL Shelter Facebook pages, networkers, resources - Angels for Animals Network
Some ways to share posts in email, Facebook & beyond 
Why one should never offer any pet "free to good home"
Twitter Primer - Hashtags, Mentions & More Bryan Grant 
Facebook may shut down your animal rescuing profile account
How to feature Page Admins on your Facebook page
Rescues are Not "Immune" from Basic Marketing/Advertising Rules
The Rise of Online Advocacy Francis Battista of Best Friends Animal Society
Care2 - How to get the most Visibility for your Shares
Facebook groups
Social Strategy for the Dogs - How social media is saving animal lives
The Art of Crossposting - The Dog Liberator 
How NOT to Help Animals on Facebook -  Adrienne Gonzalez
"Somebody Do Something" The Armchair Activist - Alex Andes at
For more exposure for urgent animals on Facebook Nong Obieta has created these groups where you can post 

NEW PETS---How to acclimate them to new home
7 Tips for Bringing Home a New Cat - Care2
Adjustment in a New Home - What to Expect when Adopting a Rescue Dog - Nicole Fiori
Puppy Mill Dogs - Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project, Inc. 
Cat to Dog Introductions - Jackson Galaxy and Dr. Jean Hofve (Little Big Cat)
Decopressing Rescued Dogs - Roanoke Adoptable Dogs 

NO-KILL ANIMAL SHELTER - How to find one
 State list of shelters and rescue organizations - not filtered by No-Kill but very comprehensive lists by
Adopt-a-Pet - shelter and rescue group searchable database
Care2 --- search for shelters
Dog Rescue Groups -
Cat Rescue Groups -
NetPets has a resource list
Find rescue organizations in every US state on,  
Find dog and cat Memphis groups, Mid-South Rescue Groups, Shelters, Breed Specific groups & AND info on Low Cost Spay/Neuter Programs at:
Find Yahoo groups that are helpful resources in rescuing cats and kittens
Some cat-specific rescues 
Pitbull Rescuers and Helpers (Fosters, Transporters, etc.) 
Rescued Is My Favorite Breed - State-By-State Animal Rescue Directory on Facebook 
No Kill Advocacy Center re Nevada Humane Society. Reno saved 94% of all animals last year despite a per capita intake rate two times more than the national average, four times more than Los Angeles, five times more than San Francisco and ten times more than New York City. If they can do it, any community can.
How they did it:
How you can force your local shelter to do it too: 
Are You Enabling the Killing of Shelter Pets - post by YesBiscuit in 2010
Please pass this on, this information can help others in communities with archaic policies and high kill rates. You'll find a lot of great information in these videos filmed on location and at the no kill workshop (more than 20 posts): 
List of contacts for breed specific rescuers  
Resources for shelters and rescues - Best Friends 
Providence AKA Delco SPCA in Media PA went from high-kill to No-Kill
Lynchburg VA - How Lynchburg Humane vastly improved its save rate - 
Rehoming Your Pet -
Finding a responsible home for your pet - Humane Society 
Re-homing your Pet - ASPCA 
Re-homing your pet -  
Rescuer partners approved by City of San Antonio TX

PIT BULLS ARE AMERICA'S DOG ---- How to fight the war being waged against them

What happened to America's Dog - Mutts Matter Rescue
Pitbull Education - The Rescue Train
Breed Discrimination Packet -

POLICE---How to protect your dogs from
How to keep your dogs safe from police

Disability and Estate Planning for Your Pets' Care -
Setting up a Fund for Fido 


Deciding on a rabbit
Info on Rabbits - from New Moon Rabbit Rescue in Ontario, Canada
Info on behavior and how to care for rabbits - from Best4Bunny in UK


postexposure prophylaxis - a Google search
What is the risk for my pet? - Center for Disease Control
Fighting rabies worldwide - Global Alliance for Rabies Control 
Overview re rabies in pets -  Vetstreet 
North Carolina Animal and Rabies Control
Rabies Surveillance in the United States during 2010
ABC News stories about people and cats encountering raccoons 


ARIZONA How to rescue - Friends of Arizona's Shelter Animals 
How to rescue an animal from New York City Animal Control
Rescue Contacts & Applications for Potential Fosters and Adopters - NYCACC 
Out of State Adoption Process - This is a simple explanation of the process that would be similar in regards to other pounds as well

SENIORS---How To Help Pet-friendly Senior Humans

Knoxville TN Senior Services Directory
AniMeals on Wheels in Houston TX - ~$180 donation can feed a pet for a year 


Colleges Going Green with Solar


Get Your Bitch Spayed
 A Spay & Neutering Quiz
Another deadly winter comes to an end - Riverhead News Review   
Spaying or Neutering Your Dog - The Behavioral Benefits 
Free and low-cost spay and neuter listed by US state - Animal Liberation Front  
State of Delaware Spay & Neuter Program - State of Delaware
New Jersey Project TNR 

STRAY---What to do if you FOUND A STRAY

Under our Wing - Tips from The Rescue Train of Los Angeles 
So You Found a Stray - from Bad Rap


What does tagging mean on Facebook
How to prevent people from tagging you in Facebook Photos and Videos 

TRAINING---Find a dog training facility

K9s Only - Westside and Tarzana locations in the Los Angeles area - fix your leash pulling & more
Dog Training and Behavior 

TRANSPORT---How to find for pets
Some of the lists that were started a long time ago are updated and expanded.
List of Transport options - posted on Facebook Sept 2013
Kindred Hearts Transport Connection  
Nationwide list assembled by Nancy Ayles - Facebook note from 2010
Facebook group for every state (this one is for Georgia) 
Animal Transport Assistance for Precious Lives Needing Urgent Help - group created by Nong Obieta 
How a Volunteer Transport Coordinator and Volunteer Drivers help - Cherry Harley Transports
Rescue Road Trips
ARF (Animal Rescue Flights)
Pilots n Paws
Tip: Ask if airlines have petsafe programs. They should offer specially-designed plane compartments that are pressurized the same as passenger cabins are and on the ground, both plane and warehouse facilities should be climate-controlled for the safety of your pet. To ensure comfort in any weather conditions, pets should be the last cargo loaded and the first cargo unloaded from the plane.

TRAVEL---Pet-friendly travel

Purdue study - harmful effects of vaccinations studied by Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine - discusses cats as well as dogs (and humans)
Merck and diseased monkeys - disturbing article about vaccines

VOLUNTEERS---How to recruit them and how to find opportunities

How to knock the snot out of Feline URI - Maddies Fund

WEBSITE FOR YOUR PET---Social Pet Networks
K9 Friends United 

How to Pet-Proof Your Home and Yard -
How to tell if a sanctuary for wild animals is legitimate - The Dodo
How to remove odors from furniture
Raise Responsible Children
Cats and Kids Go Great Together - Jackson Galaxy video
Unplug from Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
Pages on Facebook that have sent you invitations to "like" them 
How to Remove Data from Electronics before Recycling - 
Karma Rescue - Los Angeles rescue org has information on broad range of dog topics
American Dog Trainers Network - Links - 
Info on broad range of dog topics
2nd Chance - Dr. Hines' info on broad range of animal topics 
Diabella Loves Cats - Based on cat rescue, with free graphics and cat ecards and more