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Alvarado Tx- Euthanasia List Friday 5 pm May 30, 2014 (5 puppies & 2 young adults) + PRISSY THE KITTEN WHO COOS

Alvarado Tx- Euthansia List Friday 5 pm May 30, 2014 (5 puppies & 2 young adults)
Gayla Geist <> Wed, May 28, 2014 at 6:34 PM
To: Gayla Geist <>
The Alvarado Animal Shelter is a small animal shelter supporting the rural community of Alvarado,TX. The new Alvarado Animal Shelter has now opened. They have a very nice new building to house stray and unwanted pets. Janelle works very hard to take care of the animals at the shelter. She has asked for our help to get the cats and dogs into good homes and rescues. Please call or text Liz at 214 616 6128.

Location: 602 S. Parkway Alvarado tx 76009

CONTACT FOR ADOPTION/RESCUE : Liz at 214 616 6128 Call or text 

SAM is a Bassett/Heeler/Lab approx. 1yr old and 31lb. He is a sweet natured boy that has done ok with other dogs and loves to cuddle when he gets to know you.

BO 10 months 53 lbs. Bo is just a great guy. He is friendly and outgoing. Bo gets along with everything we can find.
BUSTER this guy is a basset/heeler/lab mix fella est 1 yr 38 lbs.  He is people and dog friendly!

DILL is a collie heeler type mix boy. he is approx. 9 mo old and weighs approx. 37lb. this guy has a great attitude towards life! he is happy go lucky and loves to follow his people around. he gets along well with other dogs too!

DUNCAN Lab/Collie mix born on approx. 2-1-14 and weighs approx. 25lb. He is well socialized and loves to play. He has had his first puppy shots and been wormed.

DARWIN Lab/Collie born on approx. 2-1-14 and weighs approx. 30 lbs. He loves to cuddle and sleep in your lap. He is very alert and learns quickly. He has had his first set of puppy shots and been wormed.

DIRK Lab/Collie mix,born on approx. 2-1-14 and weighs approx. 35lb . He is goofy and playful. He likes kids, treats, and toys. He has had his first set of puppy shots and been wormed
The dogs below are in boarding thanks to donations. When their funds run out, they go back to the shelter and could be euthanized anytime. 

LONDON is a pretty brindle Staffordshire terrier gal. She is short and squatty. London weighs approx. 50lb and is approx. 4yrs old. She is blind in one eye, but you wouldnt know the way she carries on. London has had a tough life she lived as a stray around the county and in Alvarado for a couple of years before she could be caught. Turns out she is super friendly and loving. She is fine with some dogs and some she doesn't care for. Sounds almost human dont you think?

RICO Shar-pei/Shepherd Mix 1 yr 60 lbs. Rico was found at the boat ramp where he was dumped with his buddy Rusty. Rico is calm and loving. He does ok with some dogs but would probably prefer being the only dog in your home and being the center of attention.
Link to donate toward boarding

The dogs below are at the shelter, but their rescue or adoption will buy more time for the urgent dogs

PEBBLES is an aussie shepherd mix kiddo. she is approx. 8mo old and weighs approx. 40lb. this girl is attentive and easy to train. she has done well with other dogs and seems to love kids. she has had a set of vaccinations and been wormed

ZEUZ 1-2 yrs 60 lbs. He is a sweet friendly young man.

MAY  6-8 months 30 lbs. She is a pretty blonde girl that is approx.  She is very friendly and likes other doggies

BART est 2 yrs &  60lb  He is friendly and good natured.

SUNNY 2.5-3 yrs 53 lbs Lab mix with a bob tail  She is outgoing, gentle and walks well on her leash.

SCOOTER  born 11-10-13 weighs 11-13 lbs. He is a loving puppy & he has some hair loss but is on meds and it is looking much better already!

PRISSY 9-12 months. She is a good natured girl that sounds like a pigeon when she purrs.

Gayla Geist
Shelter2rescue Coalition Volunteer Foster Mom

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