Friday, June 6, 2014

Forest Park GA: Kitty Can't Eat! Needs Immediate Care

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Subject: Better Pics - Kitty Can't Eat! Needs Immediate Care (Forest Park, GA)

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UPDATE:  Gudi just took this kitty to her vet's because she just could not face sending her back to the bad home, especially in her condition. She is too sweet.  Her vet says the estimate for the tooth extraction is $250 which is very reasonable. They also combo tested her (she is negative).

She REALLY needs somewhere to go, and she also really needs donations for the extractions. If anyone can help, please contact Gudi asap.

Donations can be called in to:
Lake Harbin Animal Hospital
2056 Lake Harbin Rd.
Morrow, GA  30260
account name: Holiday

original message:
This cat lives with a woman who is very ignorant. One of her other cats died because she wouldn't give it the medicine that the donation-sponsored trip to the vet gave her.  Gudi talked her in to letting them bring this cat to Furkids' vet today (thank you Furkids!!!), and what the vet said is that the cat has a real bad case of stomatitus and is going to die because she can't eat. He sent home some medicine to try and give it some relief, but the lady is not going to give it to her, like she did not give the last cat its medicine. He also says that all of her teeth need to be removed.

At this point, she's dehydrated and literally starving to death (vet's words). Gudi talked to the lady and got her to agree to give up the cat if we can find somewhere for it to go. She's only a year old, her name is Pumpkin, and she tested negative on the combo test. (The vet has given her clindamycin and buprenex).

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