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Keene TX EUTHANASIA 6/4/14 Buddy 8-9 mo old friendly Labrador/Bassett Hound mx

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UPDATE- We have a semi emergency at Keene for Buddy only. He must be out by Wednesday 6/4/14
Keene, TX Animal Shelter is a very small animal shelter supporting the rural community of Keene, TX. It only has a handful of runs and little to no adoption traffic. They only have one employee, who is asking for help from the rescue community to save lives. To adopt an animal from the Keene, TX Animal Shelter, you are required by Texas law to have the animal spayed or neutered and a rabies vaccination. There is an adoption form to complete and a $20 adoption fee. If you can help even one of these dogs listed, please call or text Liz at 214 616 6128.
YOU CAN GET UP TO DATE INFO ON EACH DOG BY VISITING NOKILL RURAL TEXAS FB: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.563391710342075.143629.229706733710576&type=3
CONTACT LIZ FOR RESCUE/ADOPTION 214 616 6128 text or call 9-9pm
BUDDY- 8-9 months old Labrador/Bassett Very friendly. Great with other dogs

The Following dogs are in bording facilities to give them more time to be adopted or tagged by rescue.
JILL & JACE, JUSTINE 3 little Lab mix puppy girl were found abandoned and starving in a wooded area in Keene. They are scared, skinny, and a bit shy but is starting to go up to Anthony, the animal control officer for attention. They have had her first set of puppy shots and been wormed. They was born on approx. 1-25-14.  1 of the 4 puppies, Janine has been adopted. Jill does not have a new picture since my camera battery died, but Jill and Justine looks like twins. They are now so much scared as they are just shy.

FUNDRAISER FOR BOARDING TO GIVE THE GIRS MORE TIME TO GET ADOPTED/RESCUE. Their funds are running out. One of the funds run out, they go back to the shelter.

OSCAR- 2 years old 40 lbs Good natured guy who loves playing with toys. He is good with other dogs.
Oscas's is running out of boarding funds, he will be returned to the shelter once they run out.
Oscar's boarding link: http://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/saving-oscar/178588

2 years 60 lbs enjoys car rides LOVES men and enjoys being around children. He is good with other dogs.
Hortatio's is running out of boarding funds, he will be returned to the shelter once they run out.

MOE-is a Border/Collie Lab Mix. He is getting neutered 6/5/14 thanks for sponsored vetting. Lab Mix. He is young with super white teeth. He is around 70 lbs, heart worm negative, he has had all his vaccinations and just needs to be neutered. He is a active happy affectionate guy that is very social and does not know a stranger. His tail constantly wags.  He is great with other dogs, men, women and children. He enjoys car rides, getting in the water and being brushed. Moe spent the weekend with me to lengthen his boarding funds and I found out he is crate trained, house trained sits on command and knows how to use to doggy door. If the dog door is closed, he will stand by the door, it that does not work, he will give the door a scratch, if that does not work, he will come find you and bark. He is well mannered, does not jump up on people and knows what the word no means and obeys it. Moe is running out of boarding funds, he will be returned to the shelter once they run out.


MILLER 18 months old. 68-72lbs. Heartworm negative, Rabies vaccine, D/P vaccine.He is attentive and intelligent. Gorgeous coat. Likes people. Has done well with dogs he has met.

BUBBA born approximately 1/2/14 & a skinny little boy.  He is very sweet and loves attention.  He has had his parvo /distemper vaccine and been wormed

CHLOE 2 years & 45 lbs.  She is a great gal who is dog & people friendly. She loves to play with other dogs,

BAILEY 1 year & approx. 65 lbs. Bailey is a gentle big gal.  She does need a few more pounds!  She is friendly and good natured.  She does well with other dogs.  She is sharing her kennel with Randy since the shelter is full and is going great with him.    

RANDY-6-7 months & 35-40 lbs. Randy is adorable! he is a cute short little guy.   He is outgoing and adores people.  He is good with dogs too.  The shelter is full and he is sharing kennel space, water, and food peacefully.  This young man just needs a chance in a home that will love and pamper him

OLIVIA 18 months & approx. 50-55 lbs. She is a gorgeous golden mix. This is a lovely little lady.  She is calm and well mannered. Olivia is friendly and easy going
MEG 2 yrs approx. 40 lbs.  She plays with other dogs every change she gets. She has not met a dog she does not like yet. She loves walks and belly rubs. She would love a home with another dog.  Sadly she has almost been adopted several times but adopters have always picked a "prettier" dog or smaller dog or younger dog ect...Meg just needs someone to see past her "plain black doggy wrapper". this girl has a great personality

ADOPTED: Rex & Janie (of the 4 lab sisters above)

Thanks for sharing!
Gayla Geist
Shelter2rescue Coalition Volunteer Foster Mom



Gayla Geist
Shelter2rescue Coalition Volunteer Foster Mom