Sunday, February 11, 2018

Houston TX: GOOD NEWS! RE: 2016 update RE: Adopt Banda the Bulldog/Boxer mix girl now recovered from abuse, broken leg, homelessness

2018 update Banda was adopted in January 2018 and is now a proud Canadian!

Jeannice has sent a June 2016 update regarding her foster dog Banda. Please click to view it HERE.

10/2/2015 POST

Banda is such a ham and loves to be snuggled in covers!
You can see some of her scars on her legs and chest. 

Rescuer/Foster Mom Jeannice updated Banda's story on October 2, 2015:

Banda's Story

I don’t know exactly what happened, but I ended up at a house, along with either 4 or 5 other dogs. We were all abandoned – some twice already on this street.
My foster mom had been watching all of this transpire and started feeding us. She put out a plea for help. With no response and worried that we were either going to be picked up OR the house was also about to be torn down, she caught the two black labs Mandi & Serena Christmas 2014. I ran off with another tan male dog but came back and was found inside the house (back door was open).

I was severely hurt with a broken leg and had been used as pit bait or abused. I had sooo many bite marks all over my face and underside – even long cut marks across my tummy. Along with a bone protruding from where my leg was broken. The male big brown dog was never seen again. Several of us were pregnant, him being the father, so he probably went back home once we left. She brought us to her home where we have shelter, can go inside and out through a dog door, all the food and treats we want! Even beds, a fan and a/c! We didn’t even know how to eat separately out of a bowl! I was soooo grateful to be saved and somewhere warm and safe! I never snapped, growled or even showed any pain from the time they were getting me into a crate, when I couldn’t even walk on my front leg, to going to the vet to be checked out! I am 2 ½ years old and around 37 lbs. I was altered, vaccinated and microchipped. I am heartworm positive but on heartworm preventative. I was retested in August 2015 and free of the baby heartworms, so considered low positive.  My leg was rechecked and has healed nicely. It is not exactly straight but it doesn’t slow me down a bit playing with Serena and Mandi! I LOVE to be petted, belly rubbed, to play with toys and with Serena and Mandi. I love to explore the yard. I can be a protector by letting you know if I hear something strange some times. I am a BIG love bug and my favorite place is in your lap being loved on! I LOVE blankets and to be wrapped up in them! I will pull my bedding through the dog door sometimes. I just want to lay on them outside too! I am very well on a leash. I know sit and learning general training. I am also learning how to ride in a car. I knew nothing and learning some do’s and don’ts since I like to go after anything that makes noises like lawnmowers, weed eaters, and bicycles. I am little timid at times if you pick up something or bang on something. I usually run a few feet away and watch. I do listen very well and learn quickly. I am really good with people after I know you are friendly and probably the same with other dogs as I was around quite a few when found. I will make you very happy and looking for my fur-ever home!

Photos from when Banda was stray at the empty house:

Bone protruding at site of break in leg

P.S. Mandi & Serena also seek fur-ever home together.