Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Airmont NY (Rockland County): KITTENS DYING outside, others unwell - Help BADLY needed!

She's basically given up, but Kim (drkimjon22 at aol.com) gave me permission to blog the following message. The zip code of the Village of Airmont is 10982:

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Date: Mar 7, 2016 3:37 PM
Subject: Airmont, NY - (Rockland County) - KITTENS DYING outside, others unwell!! - Help BADLY needed! - Begging!!

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Airmont (Rockland Co.), NY - KITTENS DYING outside, others unwell!! - Help BADLY needed! - Begging!

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Reply to: drkimjon22@aol.com (at aol.com) if you can help in any way.

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Date: March 1, 2016 at 12:32:10 PM EST
KITTENS DYING outside, others unwell!! - Airmont, NY (Rockland County) - Help BADLY needed!!

Please share! I don't have any other information, but the contact is listed!

CONTACT: Email: drkimjon22@aol.com

Name: Kim

Dying kittens!!

Message Below:

You probably can't help. I have no idea what to do. I have tried a dozen other places in NY and CT, and NOBODY will help. It's probably too far for you, but I'm just lost. In Airmont, NY there is a woman in her 50's, sort of a hoarder. All cats are OUTSIDE!! It started with 3 of course. She called many groups, and they wanted $75 a cat. She couldn't afford it, so now it's literally almost 50 NOT EXAGERATING. Most are like 5 months old, some are feral, but a lot ARE NOT. Most have eyes crusted shut, lots of dead kittens on ground.

Her attitude now is "why get them fixed, each time they have a litter, they just die anyway." I just don't know what to do!! My friend got one believe it or not! Had a trap but didn't have food. We put a cookie in the trap, and it came in. Walking around my place it's nose was so clogged, but after one day is purring. She has some open cages in her yard, and frozen blankets that's it. It's VERY OVER WELMING!!

If your place is there for rescue, THIS IS THE PLACE THAT it's been created for. These cats have NEVER had a chance have been suffering for year these poor moms giving birth like 10 times. This is a very sad situation. Many places I realize expect oh a nice easy rescue one playful clean kitten. Sorry that's not reality. If you're in it to do real rescue, this is it. If you maybe go there, trap 10 a week?

They are so sweet, and again all of their eyes are almost closed. Even if you have to humanely euthanize them God won't judge because something has to be done. Get coffee, load up some care with trappers and carriers, and chicken or turkey to get them in trap. I'm just saying do 10 a week and it can be done.

Again if God answers my prayers and those kittens prayers, and you do go, please don't get upset with the woman. I tried that it backfired. She doesn't care who or what takes them, but once you get them, THEN you can scold her.

Please forward this to your entire staff. If there was a case that needed help, please, I'm begging you. I will send $800 to you as a donation to help with costs. But I think heating pads, Clavamox, and spay will just be needed, but it very overwhelming to see a yard of dead kittens.

Please, please, please, even if you get one, let me know either way. There is 1 orange little guy like 9 weeks old, both eyes shut, but we couldn't catch him.

If the founder of your place wanted a reason to exist, I BEG YOU WITH MY HEART AND SOUL THIS IS THE SITUATION. BTW we called that towns shelters and said they would simply have to shoot the cats with sedation needles and then euthanize it was sick to hear so please I have heard wonderful things about your group. Again if you did 10 a week even if they live in your basement if you have those kittens would probably be so grateful. The one I have walked in the trapper with a cookie we had, they are almost begging people to help.

Thank you!

Email: drkimjon22@aol.com (at aol.com).