Friday, March 11, 2016

Houston TX: LOS--dogs--3-10-16 Contact BARC before 9am on Monday 03-14-16

Pebbles AKA Pink A1378887 was impounded 2-12 and
 is high on list of 44 dogs in danger of being pts.
Search Facebook for #A1378887 to see
 what volunteers have said about her. 
The 44-page pdf that was attached is viewable HERE.

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From: BARC Aid <>
Date: Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 12:45 PM
Subject: LOS--dogs--3-10-16
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Attached is a list of the Length of Stay Dogs at BARC.  All are fully vetted and are available for the Purrfurred pet adoption price of $20. Also available to foster or rescue groups.  If you are interested in any of the dogs on this list please contact before 9am on Monday 03-14-16.

The dogs in all red are in treatment for URI.

Thank you,

                                                                                      Animals Needing Foster/Rescue (LOS)
                           Below please find a list of all animals which are available for Foster, Rescue or Adoption. If you are interested in any of the
                           animals on the list you can place a hold on the animal if a foster or rescue group or come down to the shelter and adopt!
                           PLACING A HOLD (Fosters/Rescues ONLY):  To put a hold on an animal you must email ASAP.
                           Please include Name, Phone number, Group Name, Date and time of pick up.                     3/10/2016   2:41:05PM

                                                                                                                                     S         3Y                                                                     PURRFURRED
A1376510 BANDA                      COLLIE SMOOTH / AUST SHEPHERD          TRICOLOR                    2/3/16     2/3/16                    OWNER SUR            DIVORCE
   SOUTHC08  Days in Shelter: 37   AVAILABLE
A1376752 TOBIE                         LABRADOR RETR / COLLIE SMOOTH N      6Y                                               BLACK / WHITE        2/5/16                  2/9/16                                 CONFISCATE
   DADOPT10  Days in Shelter: 35   AVAILABLE
A1377905 JACK                           AMER BULLDOG / LABRADOR RETR N      4Y                                               TAN       2/6/16                    3/5/16                  STRAY
   SOUTHA06  Days in Shelter: 34   AVAILABLE
A1378049 JAMES                        STAFFORDSHIRE / BOXER      N         2Y         BRINDLE / WHITE        2/8/16     3/5/16                    STRAY
   SOUTHC42  Days in Shelter: 32   AVAILABLE
A1378279 SOLOMAN                LABRADOR RETR MIX            N      1Y 6M     BROWN / WHITE          2/9/16     3/4/16                    STRAY
   SOUTHC37  Days in Shelter: 31   AVAILABLE

                                                                                                                                     S         2Y                                                                     PURRFURRED
A1378291 REN                             POINTER MIX                                                 BLACK / WHITE           2/9/16     3/5/16                    OWNER SUR            LAND LORD
   SOUTHA04  Days in Shelter: 31   AVAILABLE

                                                                                                                                     S       1Y 1M                                                                 PURRFURRED
A1378268 CARLY                         ENG POINTER / POINTER                              WHITE / FAWN             2/9/16     3/7/16                    OWNER SUR            COST
   SOUTHB11  Days in Shelter: 31   AVAILABLE
A1378491 SUGAR                       STAFFORDSHIRE MIX              S         8Y         BROWN / WHITE          2/10/16  2/14/16                    OWNER SUR
   DADOPT07  Days in Shelter: 30   AVAILABLE
A1378531 HONEY BUNN         AMER BULLDOG / AMERICAN STAFF        S                                     3Y GRAY / WHITE        2/10/16                3/3/16                                      STRAY
   SOUTHC13  Days in Shelter: 30   AVAILABLE
A1378735 LIZZIE                          AMERICAN STAFF MIX            S         2Y         BRINDLE / WHITE        2/11/16  2/15/16                    STRAY
   SOUTHB36  Days in Shelter: 29   AVAILABLE

A1378979 ALVIN                         AMER BULLDOG MIX              N         3Y         WHITE / BROWN          2/12/16   3/7/16                    STRAY                         PURRFURRED
                                     BONES, DOGHOUSE, FIREHYDRANT ON COLLAR
   SOUTHC01  Days in Shelter: 28   AVAILABLE
A1378887 PEBBLES                    LABRADOR RETR MIX            S       1Y 7M     BLACK                          2/12/16  3/14/16                    STRAY
   SOUTHD02  Days in Shelter: 28   AVAILABLE
A1379127 JOEL                            LABRADOR RETR / BORDER COLLIE N       2Y                                               BLACK / WHITE        2/13/16                3/14/16                                    STRAY
   SOUTHD17  Days in Shelter: 27   AVAILABLE

A1379134 BEAU                          AMER BULLDOG MIX              N         2Y         WHITE / BROWN          2/13/16   3/7/16                    STRAY
   SOUTHA15  Days in Shelter: 27   AVAILABLE
A1379168 JACKSON                  LABRADOR RETR / ROTTWEILER      N       3Y                                               TRICOLOR                    2/14/16                3/10/16                                    STRAY
   SOUTHD14  Days in Shelter: 26   AVAILABLE
A1379272 ABBIE                         LABRADOR RETR / POINTER  S         2Y         TAN / WHITE                2/15/16   3/5/16                    STRAY
   SOUTHB45  Days in Shelter: 25   AVAILABLE
A1379284 IZZY                             AMER BULLDOG / STAFFORDSHIRE S       7M                                             BLACK / WHITE        2/15/16                2/19/16                                    STRAY
   SOUTHB16  Days in Shelter: 25   AVAILABLE
A1379283 COLTON                    AMER BULLDOG / STAFFORDSHIRE N       10M                                           BLACK / WHITE        2/15/16                2/23/16                                    STRAY
   SOUTHA16  Days in Shelter: 25   AVAILABLE
A1379584 CALDWELL                STAFFORDSHIRE MIX              N         3Y         BROWN / WHITE          2/16/16  2/20/16                    STRAY
   DADOPT04  Days in Shelter: 24   AVAILABLE
A1379410 PONGO                     LABRADOR RETR MIX            N      1Y 7M     BROWN / TAN              2/16/16   3/7/16                    STRAY
   DADOPT06  Days in Shelter: 24   AVAILABLE

                                                                                                                                     N         3Y                                                                     PURRFURRED
A1379499 JACKSON                  BASENJI MIX                                                  WHITE / BRINDLE        2/16/16  2/20/16                    OWNER SUR            MOVE
   DADOPT46  Days in Shelter: 24   AVAILABLE

                                                                                                                                     S         3Y                                                                     PURRFURRED
A1379555 GINA                          STAFFORDSHIRE MIX                                   BROWN / WHITE          2/16/16   3/7/16                    OWNER SUR            NO TIME
   SOUTHC36  Days in Shelter: 24   AVAILABLE
A1379542 JOSIE                          BORDER COLLIE / LABRADOR RETR S       1Y 1M                                        BLACK / WHITE        2/16/16                3/14/16                                    STRAY
   SOUTHD01  Days in Shelter: 24   AVAILABLE
A1379469 BENNY                       GERM SHEPHERD / AUST CATTLE DOG     N                                    2Y BLACK / TAN                    2/16/16                3/12/16                               OWNER SUR
   SOUTHD03  Days in Shelter: 24   AVAILABLE
A1379655 HANK                         POINTER MIX                            N         2Y         BLACK / WHITE           2/17/16  3/14/16                    STRAY
   SOUTHD18  Days in Shelter: 23   AVAILABLE

                                                                                                                                     S         5Y                                                                     PURRFURRED
A1379742 HAILEY                       STAFFORDSHIRE / POINTER                         BRINDLE / WHITE        2/17/16  3/10/16                    OWNER SUR            RESPONSIBL
   SOUTHD23  Days in Shelter: 23   AVAILABLE
A1379701 TINSLEY                     LABRADOR RETR MIX            S       1Y 1M     BLACK                          2/17/16  3/15/16                    STRAY
   SOUTHD12  Days in Shelter: 23   AVAILABLE
A1379819 TANK                          BLACK/TAN HOUND / GERM SHEPHERD   N                                    4Y BLACK / TAN                    2/17/16                2/21/16                                    STRAY
   DD14  Days in Shelter: 23   UNAVALABLE

A1379741 GUS                            AMERICAN STAFF MIX           N         2Y         RED                                2/17/16  2/21/16                    STRAY
   SOUTHC04  Days in Shelter: 23   AVAILABLE
A1379703 JESSA                          DOBERMAN PINSCH MIX        S         2Y         BLACK / BROWN         2/17/16  2/21/16                    STRAY
   SOUTHB10  Days in Shelter: 23   AVAILABLE
A1379769 TINKERBELL              LABRADOR RETR MIX            S         3Y         BROWN / TAN              2/17/16  2/21/16                    STRAY
   DADOPT08  Days in Shelter: 23   AVAILABLE

                                                                                                                                     S         2Y                                                                     PURRFURRED
A1358993 KODA                         LABRADOR RETR MIX                                  TRICOLOR                    2/18/16  2/18/16                    FOSTER                      FOSTER
   DADOPT20  Days in Shelter: 22   AVAILABLE
A1379953 DANNY                      AMER BULLDOG MIX              N         2Y         BROWN / WHITE          2/18/16  3/18/16                    CONFISCATE
   SOUTHD24  Days in Shelter: 22   AVAILABLE
A1379880 BETHANY                  AMER BULLDOG / POINTER   S         2Y         WHITE / BROWN          2/18/16  3/10/16                    CONFISCATE
   SOUTHD08  Days in Shelter: 22   AVAILABLE
A1380144 ELSA                            STAFFORDSHIRE MIX              S         3Y         BROWN / WHITE          2/19/16  2/26/16                    STRAY
   SOUTHC43  Days in Shelter: 21   AVAILABLE
A1090812 GORDO                      LABRADOR RETR MIX            N         4Y         TAN / WHITE                2/19/16  2/28/16                    STRAY
   SOUTHB44  Days in Shelter: 21   AVAILABLE
A1380142 MANNY                     GERM SHEPHERD / LABRADOR RETR        N                                    1Y 1M BLACK / TAN            2/19/16                2/23/16                                    STRAY
   SOUTHB47  Days in Shelter: 21   AVAILABLE

                                                                                                                                     S         6Y                                                                     PURRFURRED
A1380107 LADY                           RHOD RIDGEBACK MIX                               TAN                               2/19/16  2/23/16                    OWNER SUR            TOO MANY
   SOUTHC14  Days in Shelter: 21   AVAILABLE
A1380061 VEGAS                       BELG SHEEPDOG MIX             N         5Y         BLACK / WHITE           2/19/16  2/22/16                    STRAY
   DADOPT18  Days in Shelter: 21   AVAILABLE

                                                                                                                                     S         8Y                                                                     PURRFURRED
A1380109 DAISY                         RHOD RIDGEBACK MIX                               TAN / WHITE                2/19/16  2/23/16                    OWNER SUR            TOO MANY
   SOUTHB01  Days in Shelter: 21   AVAILABLE
A1380270 CHELSEA                    AM PIT BULL TER MIX            S       1Y 1M     BLACK / WHITE           2/20/16  2/24/16                    STRAY
   DADOPT16  Days in Shelter: 20   AVAILABLE
A1378579 CUPID                        STAFFORDSHIRE MIX              N         3Y         RED / WHITE                 2/20/16  2/29/16                    EUTH REQ
   DADOPT17  Days in Shelter: 20   AVAILABLE
A1380321 PRETTY GIRL            POINTER MIX                            S         3Y         WHITE / BROWN          2/20/16  2/24/16                    STRAY
   SOUTHB35  Days in Shelter: 20   AVAILABLE

                                                                                                                                     S         7Y                                                                     PURRFURRED
A1372883 BABY                           AMERICAN STAFF MIX                                 BROWN / WHITE          3/7/16     3/7/16                    FOSTER                      FOSTER
                SOUTHA02      Days in Shelter: 4

  • ALL hold requests are to be sent via email only (none will be accepted via phone) with the following required information:
EMAIL SUBJECT:       HOLD for (insert animal id number)
In the body of the email, provide the following:

Animal ID #: _______________________

Name of Rescue Group/Foster: __________________________________________

Name of designated person for pickup: ______________________________

Contact Phone Number for person placing hold: ________________________

Date & Time for pickup: ________________________

  • The hold will be placed for 24 hours and a confirmation email will be sent back to the requestor via email.
  • All incoming BARC Aid emails will be answered during the following hours and within the specified timeframe:
Monday  - Friday
10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Within one hour
Saturday - Sunday
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Within two hours
Emails received outside of these timeframes will be answered the next day, during these hours.  If a response has not been received within the specified timeframes, please notify Mauricio Zepeda immediately via email or cell phone 832.623.3871 (days off Friday and Saturday). If no response from Mauricio please contact Alejandra at 832.395.9081

Alejandra Peimbert, Education Coordinator – BARC Outreach
City of Houston, Administration & Regulatory Affairs
BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions
3200 Carr Street, Houston, Texas 77026
Direct:  832-395-9081