Thursday, August 11, 2016

Iola TX: Update - down to 100 dogs who can be placed RE: 143 dogs need rehoming RE: Over 5 dozen sanctuary dogs need adoption or rescue

8/11/16 There are still more dogs needing new homes. Valiant Volunteer Jane Martin at ( has been helping the dogs since the Spring when Betty got a cancer diagnosis (Betty is post-surgery now and doing ok). All the dogs have been well taken care of. All the descriptions that I have read reflect happy, healthy dogs who would make wonderful family additions.

Please check out these dogs' photos and bios on the app at:

Anything you can do in the way of helping is appreciated. It has been five weeks since a dog has left the sanctuary :-(

Jane Martin says, "When I started there were 'just under 300' and 64 have left. Most of the dogs in the senior house and at Betty's house are not available, but that still leaves around 100 that can be placed."

Fosters, adopters, donators, transporters and networkers are all welcome!
Contact to assist. Please hurry to help Jane and the dogs! Thank you!

4/5/16 POST
4/5 update: Jane has adjusted the YouCaring to be inactive at this time. Instead, donations for vet care can be called in to Betty Neblett's Vet Beard-Navasota Veterinary Hospital in Navasota 936-825-3877 or 888-881-3877. Just tell them to put it on Betty Neblett's account. Betty does not have a 501(c)3, so donations are not tax-deductible. Jane also says there are 143 dogs in need of rehoming. She is going this weekend to get more pictures. 
Jane Martin is helping sanctuary owner Betty Neblett with adoptions/rescues during this difficult time. All dogs are spayed/neutered and on heartworm preventative. If you have any adoption or rescue questions please contact Jane by email at She will not be able to see every comment on the Facebook page. Every dog Betty has is fantastic and most are available for adoption or rescue.

Jane wrote, "She will see an oncologist soon to work out the details. She said she will have to have chemo, radiation, and surgery. She's not going to be feeling well for a long time. She doesn't want anyone feeling sorry for her though.
Getting her numbers down through rescue efforts would probably be a great help even more now."

The dogs are located in Iola, Texas, which is in Grimes County. It is near Navasota and Bryan College Station. 

Jane has prepared photos and instructions on a Facebook page and Petfinder. Again, please don't count on her to see Facebook comments on photo threads as she prefers to get private messages or emails at

So far 69 of the dogs are uploaded to Petfinder. See them HERE.

Click HERE to see the fabulous Facebook photo albums for each of the dogs at the FB page "Betty's Adoptable Sanctuary Dogs."

If you are interested in adopting one or more of the 143, please contact Jane at to request an application.

P.S. Some dogs are also on Adopt-a-Pet.
Adopt A Pet :: Shorty - Iola, TX
Shorty is currently yard mates with Red, and they would ideally stay together: