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Memphis TN: GOOD NEWS! RE: Rescue needed for Jackson the Chained Yard Dog German Shepherd!

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Update for those of you who wanted to help Jackson when he is unchained from the tire lot: 

Linda with Dogs 2nd Chance met me at the tire lot this morning, and we unchained Jackson!!  He is seen in this photo off the chain and smiling in Linda's car on the way to Northgate Animal Clinic!   He was super friendly, and Linda thinks he is a real nice dog.  His name has now been changed to Artie, named after the lady in that neighborhood who initially called me about him. .

As suspected, Artie (Jackson) is heartworm positive.  He also has hookworms.  Artie will be neutered on Monday, and then start medications to get him ready for the heartworm treatment.  There is a big possibility that a lady and her husband will adopt Artie when they return to Memphis from Alabama on the 25th of this month, but in the meanwhile, it would be good if we had a foster home for him. 

Some of you wanted to help financially, and you may do so by sending your donation (tax deductible)  to the address below.  If there are any excess donations, we hope you don't mind the excess (if any) be used toward heartworm treatment for other rescued dogs.  

                                                              Dogs 2nd Chance
                                                              555 Egypt Road
                                                              Munford, TN  38058

A big "thank you" for helping Artie (Jackson) start a new life and leaving his past miserable life on a chain!

Beverly King

Photos:   Artie/Jackson in car on way to vet
              Artie/Jackson just taken from chain in junk yard and now on a "new leash on life" (with Linda)
4/9 POST 

update: Bev says she now has vetting covered but he still needs a rescue.

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He lives on a heavy chain on a tire lot on Jackson Avenue.  About a year or so ago, the owner released a young female, who is Jackson's daughter.  I turned this female over to a Angels Among Us rescue group who found a wonderful home for her in New England.  At that time, the owner would not release Jackson.  Now the owner is releasing him, but I need a rescue group to take him.   

These pictures were snapped today, and Jackson was good and gentle when taking treats from my hand. The owner was not there, but some employees said that he is about 4 or 5 years old. I am quite sure that Jackson is heartworm positive, but I may be able to find some donors to pitch in on vetting.  What is needed is a rescue group who can take this handsome boy!  So, please cross post!!!!!

Please contact me if you can help. 

Thank you!