Friday, June 3, 2016

Miami FL 33156: 6/2 Resolved RE: NO RESPONSE! RE: Urgent! Rescue needed for cats abandoned at house in foreclosure

6/2 Cheryl Lang reported that two went to rescue, and sadly, one died, one ran away, and one was diagnosed with cancer and is being euthanized.

5/2 POST

No Paws Left Behind hasn't received one iota of interest from rescuers in the Miami area or anywhere else. Since they were abandoned by the foreclosed homeowner, one or more neighbors have threatened to harm the cats so there has been extreme urgency since the first plea. Why is there no response from rescuers?  
4/29 POST
There have been no offers of rescue. Please step up if you can rescue them. Please network to help find rescue. Thank you.
12 hours earlier post 4/28

Cheryl Lang at wrote 4/27 that these five cats are abandoned outside a home that is in foreclosure. Cheryl Lang will sponsor spay/neuter if the cats are unfixed. 

Currently the person inspecting the house in Miami is feeding the cats and providing water, but the problem is the neighbors are not happy.  

Please text Cheryl Lang at 281-605-8390 or email Kendrick Deal at, both in Houston TX.  Kendrick will contact the inspection company in Miami to coordinate with interested rescuers. 

Please contact Cheryl or Kendrick with any questions.

FYI No Paws Left Behind, Inc. is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit organization headquartered at:
18775 Clay Rd, STE C
Houston, TX 77084