Friday, May 20, 2016

Dallas TX: Please check the links and shelter for status re: Immediate Action Needed for Puppies/Families by EOD 5/20/16

for the many photos of dogs and families in need

ImImmediate Action Needed for Puppies/Families by EOD 5/20/16

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Dallas Animal Services needs the help of our amazing transfer partners!
We are preparing for a large seizure of animals Thursday 5/19/16.  We are expecting to be impounding 30 + dogs that will need to be held for an extended period of time.  We are needing to make space for these animals coming in.  They are our priority for housing.  Animals at the shelter can be considered urgent.

Please look at the animals posted on Dallas Dogs In Need of Transfer facebook page.  These dogs are the most urgent at this time.  We have noted a few families and puppies that have been given an end of day for Friday 5/20.  All other animals on this list should now be considered urgent at this time.  These animals are the most in need.

Summer months are difficult for any shelter, with the added burden of this seizure makes it even harder.  This is a time when we need your support and help more than ever!  Let's focus on the animals and get them the second chances they deserve!  This is why we do what we do! J

Email if you can help us in this time of need!

Danielle Fry
Animal Transfer Coordinator
Dallas Animal Services
1818 N. Westmoreland Rd.
Dallas TX, 75212

Office phone number:214-670-8298

All Transfer inquiries should be emailed to

Personal work hours:
Sunday: 8:30-5:30
Monday-Thursday: 9-6

Shelter hours of operation:
Sunday: 12-5