Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Houston TX: 6/22 NO RESPONSE! RE: Urgent! Fosters or Rescues Desperately Needed Right Now for ~6 Rescued Kitties with No Place to Go

There has been no response. Please network for the kitties. The kitties must not return to their former location! The kitties are very adoptable and the rescue is looking for rescue groups, fosters or homes immediately.

6/17 POST

Five of some of the very urgent kitties

Photos of all with their bios are viewable HERE (Rambo and Raquel) and HERE. Bios are also herebelow.

On Fri, Jun 17, 2016 at 2:26 PM, Jeannice Cain <> wrote:
From: "Kelsey, Alexandra" <>
Date: June 17, 2016 at 3:13:17 PM CDT
Cc: Claudia Garnica <>
Subject: Sweet cats near pounding railroad cars (Houston, Roy Street)
Houston used to be a nicer place to live.  It was not so large and congested and people were kinder.  Ask anyone who has lived here for years. And, if the street cats could talk, they’d tell you that the city has become a hard, hard place to survive on your own.

Recently, a precious group of cats was saved from an area that features a very busy railroad track and new housing for the upwardly mobile.  Stray cats just don’t have much future there, between the trains and the construction.  Save A Cat Rescue did the legwork on rescuing the cats, but that rescue cannot take on six cats now.  So, fosters or rescue groups are urgently needed.  Also, if you would like donate, that would be much appreciated. The kitties have been vetted, but they desperately need places to go!  Otherwise, they will have to be released to their former location. Two cats right now are ready to go immediately and the others will soon be ready.

Donations are desperately needed as costs for these cats are expected to easily exceed $2,000, due to normal vetting, spay/neuter, extra treatments needed for skin conditions, stomatitis and other dental, lice and skin issues. The cats are at Central Houston Animal Hospital.

The kitties are very adoptable and the rescue is looking for rescue groups, fosters or homes immediately.  After the medical work is completed, the cats won’t be able to stay at Central Houston.  The rescue absolutely does not want to put these cats back on the street, but they need help with placements.

For your convenience, donation information and contact information for more details are at the end of this note.

Below are brief bios of the cats, who are very sweet and adoptable and FIV/FELV negative!

This Oreo guy is a lover! (Combo test pending.)

Sweet marshmallow girl.  FIV/FELV negative

This tuxedo boy is a sweetie! FIV/FELV negative

Black velvet kitty girl, who was found with a sore mouth, which is being treated.  FIV/FELV negative

White kitty girl who looks as if she’s been dipped in chocolate and who is sweet.  (Combo test pending)

Darling Calico who is pregnant and very sweet. FIV/FELV negative

Donations can be called in or mailed to the following:

Central Houston Animal Clinic  For the Railroad Kitties
1638 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

Contacts for more details:


Jeannice Cain

Assistant to Marcy Kurtz, Kristin Smith, Chelsea Dal Corso
T: +1.713.221.3367 | F: +1.800.404.3970

711 Louisiana Street Suite 2300 | HoustonTX | 77002-2770 download v-card 

June 2nd and June 7th alerts for these cats, with earlier photos from site where near the railroad tracks, are viewable HERE.