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Proctorville OH: Urgent! Fosters needed now - Sweet Girls Boxer, Blue Heeler Mix, & Yorkie. Kitties also looking for their own homes.

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Subject: Sweet girls available...Boxer, Blue Heeler Mix, & Yorkie

New rescues need foster or forever homes.......
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Isn't she gorgeous???
This sweet girl was a house dog for 2 years
then she was chained out side for a year. Now her "family" is going on vacation and want to take her to the pound before they go.(We wouldn't want to spend money on kenneling, would we???)   We know that she is housebroken and is good with children.  If you would like to foster her to see if she is a match for your family, she needs a foster NOW!    This is urgent, we have no place for her to go. Any help is appreciated!
Thanks you
 Lita was dropped off at the railroad tracks in town, and she layed there day after day.  A neighbor noticed her and started feeding & giving water to her, then finally called a rescuer who asked her to take Lita into the house, so that she would be safe until she could pick her up. Then Lita was picked up by the Rescuer and taken home where she is getting love and care.  She loves her toys, and throws them into the air to entertain herself.  Lita loves kids, is good on leash and in the car, and although she is  very outgoing, she is very polite!
(Blue Heeler Mix, 1 yr., 40 pounds)
Sweet little Grace was rescued as her breeder was on his way to drown her in the creek because she hadn't had any pups in a year.........The photos are the day after she was rescued and she had been bathed and mats full of feces had been cut off. She has a tumor and is lactating, so she is either pregnant or it is a false pregnancy.  In any case we need to get her into the vet immediately.  It also appears that the breeder pulled some, if not all of her teeth.....Her gums are infected and she has a severe ear infection.

In spite of what she has been through, she is hopeful that she will be loved.  When she goes out to potty, she runs back to you until she get a few feet away.......then she crawls to you on her belly.  It is like she's thinking, "I hope you'll love me, but I'm ready for anything" sad it that???
This little girl is approximately 4 years old, and 5 pounds.  She deserves a family who will spoil her rotten.......but first we need to get her healthy..... If you would like to help with her surgeries, please  click the PayPal link below and make a note that it is for Grace......
Thanks for caring, and please pray for Grace.........
Also..........Grace will need a foster home
​ in the Columbus area​
 while she is recovering from surgery.
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Hi!  I'm foster mom told me to tell you a little bit about myself...I really am not good about talking about myself......I'd rather be cuddled!  Well, let me think.....I love cats, I hang out with them....if someone will rub my chest, I will fall asleep ( I love chest and tummy rubs!)  I share my food......and my toys!  Also my foster mom says that I am very smart........I'm not sure if that is true......but I know that I do not have accidents in the house!!! By the do you like my coat?  It looks course, but is soft as can be, which of course means that you will enjoy having me on your lap. I would love to have a home with a fenced yard, a similar sized playmate..and a family that has time to cuddle with me.........Have any ideas?
Brussels Griffon Mix, DOB 2-14-13  , 12 POUNDS  

Are you ready to be charmed???  Rush is one of a kind.....he is a gorgeous Blue/Fawn Pittie with the sweetest face you've ever seen....but Rush doesn't have to depend on his good looks because he is full of personality.  Rush will greet any  puppy with lots of kisses and he hopes that they will romp with him and roll on the ground. He is well mannered, laid back, and loves everyone he meets.   He isn't much for rough playing...... he is a gentle boy, but he's  always up for a rousing game of tug-of-war!
Rush is a  big baby, who loves to cuddle and will sit at your feet when  he isn't playing.  He has impeccable manners and will appreciate a loving home........he was dropped off in the country and spent some time with a playful puppy, a snuggly poodle, and a big grouchy dog who were tied to a trailer and sleeping under it.  The neighbor called the dog warden and he was on his way to shoot Rush because he is a "Pitbull" which, I guess is as good a reason as any for killing an innocent pup.
Fortunately, a civilized neighbor called a rescuer, who  picked up Rush before the warden arrived.  It didn't take long for Rush to win the hearts of everyone he met
Do you dare to meet him???? WARNING.......he may steal your heart......... ( Pit, 48#, *DOB 5-18-15.) 

Funnyface is absolutely GORGEOUS!  She has long fluffy fur and is sooo sweet!
She will be a great addition to any family........
Meet her this week!

These adorable kitties would love a home of their own!
Spayed/Neutered, tested
They need a foster or forever home today........

Texie is looking for a family to love!
She has lots of personality and love to give!
Take her home this week!
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