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World: Some Outstanding recent Successful Care2 Petitions

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To:alerie could have felt defeated or resigned. Instead, she stood up for herself and her classmates by creating a Care2 petition.
Here's what you made happen last month!


This has been an incredible month for Care2 activists. More than 20 of the petitions that Care2 members started became successes in May, and those petitions accumulated more than 1,080,000 signatures in total.
Every petition has a story, and every petition is started by a real person like you who saw something they knew wasn't right and took action to change it.
Take Valerie Janovic, for instance. She sought help from the counseling center at her college during a crisis and was turned away. She felt betrayed by her school and began talking about the painful experience with her classmates – and that's when she found out that her college had a history of denying timely mental health care to its students.
Valerie could have felt defeated or resigned. Instead, she stood up for herself and her classmates by creating a Care2 petition demanding the college provide better help to students going through mental health crises. You can learn more about her campaign – and the steps she took to win – by reading our interview with her.
You could be the next person to share your story and make a difference. If you need help, check out our Activist University webinar series to help you get started!
Let us help you win!

More Than 218,000 Care2 Members Helped Save St. Kilda Penguins

Rare little penguins living in the harbor of St. Kilda, Australia are beloved by tourists and locals, but they have recently become the victim of barbaric violence. After one penguin was kicked to death and two others were stomped on and crushed, Michael Taylor created a Care2 petition demanding that the government protect these tiny creatures. His petition garnered more than 218,000 signatures, and local officials took notice. They sent him a tweet to announce that they will now provide $250,000 to protect and monitor the iconic penguin colony. Michael spoke up for those who can't speak for themselves – will you do the same by starting your own petition?

Tyler Persuaded Her High School to Honor Classmates Who Passed Away

In 2011 and 2012, two students at Heber Springs High School in Arkansas died in unrelated accidents. Both children, Toby and Robert, would have graduated this year had it not been for these tragedies. Their classmate Tyler Cathey wanted to make sure they were honored by leaving two seats empty for them at graduation, but the school administration resisted the idea. So Tyler started a Care2 petition asking administrators to change their minds. After the petition got 750 signatures in just a few days, principal Bret Brown agreed to honor the boys at the ceremony. If you know about injustices occurring in your community, start a petition today!

300 Geese Are Saved from Being Mass Euthanized

In Dickson City, Tennessee, over 300 Canada geese and mallard ducks enjoy simple, quiet lives on Luther Lake. But when homeowners became annoyed by bird droppings, the city council voted to round up and kill all the waterfowl by the lake. Local activists banded together to save the geese and spent months organizing actions, speeches, and phone calls on behalf of the animals. Then, Stephanie Speciale created a Care2 petition urging the Mayor to protect the birds – and 57,000 signatures later, the city council agreed. Instead of euthanizing the animals, the city will use more humane tactics to discourage the geese from living there. If you want to raise awareness about a cause that's dear to your heart, start your own petition now!


Iranian Political Cartoonist Atena Is Freed from Prison

In June 2015, 29-year-old Atena Farghadani was sentenced to 12 years and nine months in prison simply because she had drawn a cartoon revealing her disagreement with a government bill. When members of Amnesty International in Canada heard about her story, they created a Care2 petition demanding that Iranian leaders release Atena immediately. People worldwide flocked to Atena's cause, spreading her story on social media. Now, an appeals court has finally released her from prison. But human rights are still being violated every day. Last month, a 17-year-old girl died in Egypt during an illegal female genital mutilation operation. Sign Emily's petition to stop this horrific practice!

New Jersey High School Rehires Teacher Who Shared Political Views

Mr. Joseph Ventre is a much-beloved history teacher at a New Jersey high school. One student called him "one of the most challenging, innovative, and interesting teachers in the entire school." But in April, the school forced Mr. Ventre to resign after he showed a video clip from John Oliver's show "Last Week Tonight" satirizing presidential hopeful Donald Trump. One of his students, Lizzie Brizzie, was so upset that she created a Care2 petition asking the school to rehire her teacher. After Lizzie collected 3,700 signatures and students packed a school board meeting to speak in Mr. Ventre's defense, the board rehired him. It's time to make a difference in your community. Start your own Care2 petition today!

Tip of the Month: How Twitter Can Help You Win

Most of us probably think Twitter is just for following celebrities or writing pithy posts about our days – but did you know that it's actually a great tool for activism? Last month, Care2 members used Twitter to stand up for pop star Kesha after her producer and alleged abuser, Dr. Luke, banned her from performing at the Billboard Music Awards. Kesha is currently locked in a legal battle to be freed from recording music with Dr. Luke, making this just the latest denial of her creative freedom. So Care2 asked the 230,000 people who've signed a petition to #FreeKesha if they would flood Twitter with protest tweets. They did – and just 24 hours later, Kesha's performance was back on! Read more here.

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