Thursday, July 21, 2016

Houston TX 77081: GOOD NEWS! RE: STOLEN beloved English Bulldog taken from parking lot of SAMs club 5310 S Rice Ave

7/21 update: Brutus has been found! He was picked up approximately three days ago in the same area he went missing. Last night, through social media crossposting, friends of Mr. Irish connected with the finders and now have him safe with them. He will go to Dallas and be reunited with Mr. Irish tomorrow 7/22/16. Thanks to everybody who crossposted.
7/20/16 POST
Contact Allison George Irish on Facebook or by phone:7205251974 or 7208223929
Please help find beloved English Bulldog missing since June 14, 2016. He rode in long distance trucking with his "dad" and was just going potty and vanished. Dad lives in Colorado. Dog goes by the name "Brutus" (and also "Road Dog"). He is 7 years old, about 70 pounds, microchipped, not neutered, and was taking medicine for infected paws! There is a reward offered.

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Here is what Brutus' dad wrote July 17 on Facebook:
people I need some help for some one took my dog and best friend from a SAMs club 5310 S Rice Ave, Houston, TX 77081 please if you have any FB family or friends in Houston could you share this with them
Missing male bull dog about 5 years old has a collar with tags and he is micro chipped he is on Meds and needs them ASAP ---there is a large Reward to any body with any info or the safe return, keep posting 7205251974 or 7208223929 P.S.I did not leave him in the car I let out to bathroom