Thursday, August 11, 2016

Queens, NYC NY: 8/11 Still Needs a HOME! RE: Mietzi the Tabby One-Year-Old - Fun-loving and Affectionate Seeks Stable Loving Home

8/11 - Mietzi still needs a loving home. Please adopt or network for her if you can.
7/28 POST
Lovable Mietzi is a fun cat who could
thrive in a permanent home
with fewer other cats
As of Tuesday 7/26 there is nobody yet for Mietzi. Contact Debra at or via Staten Island Rescue at

Rescuer Mom Debra Knowles' 7/22/16 Public Facebook Note about Mietzi:
Mietzi, 1 1/2 years old. Queens, NY.
Dear all, I need help rehoming Mietzi. For whatever reason, neither the rest of the Ridgewood Clowder have accepted her, nor she them. She is truly miserable here, and absolutely hates being around them.
When I banish them all from the bedroom and she's here alone, she is a lovely little cat who loves snuggles, and petting. She's very playful and somewhat funny when she plays, she jumps on the bed when you are making it and bad bunny kicks the sheets. She likes to knead your lap and put her face into your arm and purr.

Mietzi's Petnote on Petfinder with Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue:
Mietzi is a little over a year old. She belonged to a very elderly man who was hospitalized many times, leaving Mietzi to herself in the apartment. Mietzi now thrives on petting and playing and is learning to get along with other cats. She needs a home with some one who is cat savvy, Mietzi still gives 'smacky paw' when she's nervous and will take a little time to adjust. She's a very affectionate little lap cat full of playfulness and fun and with the right home will blossom!