Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cordele GA: Impounded pets are URGENT 8/16/2016

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Subject: FW: Cordele GA ac dogs URGENT 8/16/2016

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Subject: Fwd: Cordele GA ac dogs URGENT 8/16/2016

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Subject: Cordele GA ac dogs URGENT    8/16/2016

These kids are all in a local animal control.  There hold times are up
and they are  in urgent need of rescue.  We are set up to help out of   state rescues with the GA pull,  there is low cost vetting and low cost   boarding available to rescues if they need it.  We can help with some   short leg transport.   If you are with a rescue and can save any of   these kids, please contact me asap, time is very short.
Thank you, Charli,

Donations   are always needed and very welcome.  If you wish to put a donation on a   dog, please contact me directly and i will gladly add it to the emails.
If you are not with a rescue and want to pull directly from the animal control, info is below.  For adoption or rescue information  please call the Cordele Police Department in Cordele, GA 229/276/2921 and leave a message for animal control, we will return your call as soon as possible.

Our Facebook page link:
Plotthound mix Young adult brindle mix male. Shy but sweet

needs medical attention
Caroline is an older mixed breed with a bad skin infection and hair loss,  very underweight, and callouses On her rump But she is very sweet and gets along with other dogs.

Chi mix, male, adult, afraid, found running on the hwy

Aussy/border collie mix, male, adult, approx 50lbs
very sweet, wild hair along his back, like a mohawk

This pretty girl was scared when she was discovered under a strangers shed. After chasing the land owner she ran and hid under a building until we could coax her out with another dog. She relaxed once she knew we werent going to hurt her. She rides well in the front seat and she walks on a leash. She didnt chase the chickens in the yard or the land owners dog. She looks like shes been bred a lot.
approx 50lbs

handsome lug. His name is Pluto, male pittie about 5 years+ we have been holding for a court case since August 2015. we are taking in too many dogs lately to keep holding him and hes not getting any younger. Hes started licking his leg out of boredom. He is very sweet, loves attention, likes to sleep on blankets and likes chew toys. He was a fighting/breeding dog that lived on a heavy logging chain but he is ok with some other dogs And has never shown any aggression towards humans  approx 55lbs
We took this big lug out to see how he'd react to the other dogs and cats. He didn't growl at any animals He wanted to check out the kittens and then started rubbing up against their cage and prancing like he wanted to play with them. A small dog growled and barked at him through the cage and Pluto quickly backed away. He loves his back scratched. He's 60lbs now. I have some pitiful before pics I'll have to find. He has a lick granuloma that is getting bigger on his left front leg from boredom. He's got a chew toy but I will try to get him out more often we just stay so busy.

Callie  Adult female pittie, approx 45lbs   Rescue took her 2 pups but left her behind
she is hw positive

friendly young adult bully female 
seems ok with other dogs, approx 45lbs

Friendly black and white lab/bully mix pup about 5-6 months
approx 45lbs
Litter of unknown number of kittens 
the ac is over flowing with them

​tri-color, male chi mix, 6 months