Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Houston TX: 8/3 update re: Joe the Homeless Rescuer and his Dogs AJ & Dino

On Wed, Aug 3, 2016 at 6:53 AM, Jeannice Cain <> wrote:
Hello all,
Got a phone message from Joe that he was back at where he stays and to keep the dogs till Friday. He needs to rest.  Went by after work. I asked him what happened!
They wanted to keep him 2 months for treatment. He won't do it so he left.
He has colon cancer that has now spread to kidneys and liver, maybe even lungs. It
is also affecting his heart. They did an EKG, blood work etc. He's been through chemo a few times the last couple of years and said never again.

They said if he does not get treatment maybe 3 monthsThey told him not
to drink or smoke. Well that's not going to happen. so the time period is going to be shorter. I probably would be doing the same. He is at peace with it and ready to go. I asked him, you're not going to just drink
yoruself  to death are you? - no. You're going to eat right? Yes They gave him RX's but he wont take ANY drugs - not even an advil. He didn't take anything
either when he was hit by car - can you imagine! 

Soooo he wants to sign a form stating the dogs go to me and any possessions to another person. I will get something drawn up. If anyone knows proper verbiage to make sure there is no problem would appreciate it...Of course I would need to find homes for them TOGETHER as I have no room for them except garage which won't work. 

I asked him what else can I do and he said he would like soup.  So I picked up some ramen (shrimp is his favorite) and a few cans of soup. It has to be something he can chew - soft brothy. He only has 2 front teeth.

He wants them back Friday but I am going to have to come up with something
to keep them till Monday. (After the funeral etc) I think I am going to tell him Friday we had to take to vet because of skin etc and they need to keep to treat longer!

Betty is going to vet today to talk to Dr White and find out where we stand
for donations....

Keep Joe in your prayers please. If anyone want to drop off soup for him
please do so. Or if he comes up with anything else.

Thank you all  Please help network for the dogs. 

On Tue, Aug 2, 2016 at 7:38 AM, Jeannice Cain <> wrote:
Yesterday Betty and I picked up AJ and Dino with no resistance from Joe. We went to PetCheck Animal Clinic but then they told us they could not vet them because they were so large and no vet tech was there! I said we will hold them and muzzle them. "We don't have a muzzle." What!? They muzzled all the dogs I have brought there. Luckily no one donated yet and I told them to not accept any donations. Needless to say I was upset!

So we headed to Briarcrest Vet where all the vetting will be done - We have only raised $125 and the estimate is $300 per dog. Shots, fecal, hw test, a week of boarding, and baths. This does not cover meds as AJ eye will be looked at and their skin is in such bad condition. AJ's tail is missing hair in a big area.

Nor does it cover altering Dino which we are contemplating. We would really
appreciate any donations.

Donations are welcome under the name of Betty Peugh for AJ & Dino: 
Briarcrest Vet
1492 Wilcrest Drive
Houston, TX 77042

After dropping off the dogs we went back and picked Joe up and took him to Ben Taub General Hospital​. Betty went in with him and hopefully they will treat him. He expects to be there for 5-6 days.

FYI Joe thinks the dogs are at my house or Betty's. That is the only way he would let us take them!

Thanks all for networking and offering to help both the dogs and Joe. We will just have to see how things play out with his treatment etc.

8/1 POST 

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From: Jeannice Cain <>
Date: Mon, Aug 1, 2016 at 8:45 AM
Subject: IMMEDIATE DIRE NEED for Joe Homeless Man - AJ & Dino his dogs Houston TX

I am sending this out to everyone this time. Please network. Many of you do not know what all has been going on with Joe this last week. 

Many of you have seen the emails throughout the years and know that Joe has helped MANY animals of all kinds, fought keeping his leg after being hit by a motorist (driver was texting). He is a fighter but he is giving up. He also has cancer. 

Last week he lost Rick, one friend who helped him. Died of  heart attack - Joe tried to give him CPR. Then also within a week last report Alfredo, his other friend, is in a coma in hospital and not going to make it. These two friends were his complete support system.

We are looking for donations to help with getting the dogs current on vaccinations and boarding them for about a week. Ideally it would be perfect if someone has a place to keep the dogs for a week after vetted. These dogs are so well trained. Joe can leave his site and those dogs will not budge. 

1st plan WAS this Friday Betty & Joe was going to take the dogs to get a bath, get vetted (Pet Check), go to washateria so he has clean clothes and then board the dogs until after the funeral for Rick this Saturday.  (The sister in law of Rick is threatening to take Joe's dogs) Joe was just going to tie them up somewhere. We want to keep these dogs safe so Joe does not have to worry about them while attending the funeral. 

2nd plan NOW Things have changed over the weekend. He is really not doing good, Throwing up blood and needs to get to hospital.  Betty and I are going to pick them up late afternoon, we will take them to Pet Check first, and then to her vet where they can be boarded. 

We are looking for donations to help please. Donations can be made:

Inital vetting:
Under Betty Peugh's name. Pet Check $70 each dog - please ask how much has been donated so far. We will need more for boarding at vet and they have serious skin issues. Michelle or Rachel  713-738-2432They will take donations over the phone
Boarding and other vetting - Donations under Betty Peugh for AJ & Dino: 
Briarcrest Vet

1492 Wilcrest Drive
Houston, TX 77042

I do not know what the outcome of all this will be. I hope after the funeral, Joe will want to fight again and we return AJ and Dino. My worst fear is that something will happen to Joe too. If so, we will need a place for AJ and Dino to live their life out together. 

We also hope and pray if someone has some land or place where they could move to. Found out Joe use to have a construction company. I am sure he would work for his keep.

More of the story is below. Betty's visit very touching.  Yes he has some family but as you know there can be a history of things that have happened. Joe cried Friday and Sunday when I went to visit him thinking about his life.

FYI he said someone came and got the kittens. 

The pictures are from happier times at Xmas when we dropped off dinners and goodies. That is Rick to the very left and Joe in the white shirt. 

Many many thanks and please please send around....

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From: Jeannice Cain <>
Date: Sat, Jul 30, 2016 at 1:32 PM
Subject: Short update 7/30 Joe, Dino and AJ

I visited with Joe Friday after work. I picked up a few things before I stopped. Jugs of water which he was grateful, wet dog food and dinner.

I asked what he needed.  A tent (already being donated). His last tent and items were taken by TXDOT. When they kick him out of an area they take everything. Two sleeping type bags are being donated. Just a few more items needed and some food. 

He only has a grocery cart. I wish we could come up with something that is HIS not a store's cart because he gets in trouble. It would have to be something that rolls and that he can support himself Not that he has to tilt to roll. That is the only means he has now to store items.

He will be moving to one of his previous locations after Ricks funeral next Sat. More on that and the dogs on Monday.

stashed somewhere with food and water.  Oh yes, he could use some wet food for them until someone can take them. 

Joe is in a really bad place right now. Mentally, definately physically, and emotionally. I've only seen him break down a couple of times yesterday was one of those.

Rick had a heart attack right there under the freeway and Joe tried to do CPR.  I found out from Rick's room mate who walked up while I was there that Alfredao was still alive in the hospital but he had to gear up from head to toe when he went to see him at Memorial Herman Memorial city. Joe told him he died Thursday night.  Not sure. BUT the room mate said there is no way Alfredo was going to make it. 

So Joes whole support system, daily friends are gone. yes some of the other homeless people are coming by to check on him. The dealer ship person checks on him, the bird lady as he calls her, and a few others he said. He doesn't know why people like him. i told him there are alot of people that care about him.  He said the whataburger, subway I am sure jack in the box people all know of him. Subway manager lets him charge and watch his dvd when he had one. He so loves to watch and listen to music.

Rick's family is kicking the room mate out. He has a few days to get everything out. don't know if he can get any of Joes' things out....

I'ts hard enough for the homeless to live on the street under the best circumstance if possible but to have a double whammy hit you and the core of your life.

So much for being 'short' update. But I truly need to email more about Joe, and his dogs and the funeral.  I will try to find out more about the kittens.