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Santa Paula CA: Medical animals at SPARC Need YOUR Help!

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Subject: Medical animals at SPARC Need YOUR Help!

Which of these Medical Cats & Dogs at
SPARC can you help?
With a belly full of tumors in her abdomen, so big, it felt like a tummy full of puppies, Foxy needs your help!  She made it through surgery this week but vet could only safely remove one large tumor. There are more. Foxy's hoping results of biopsies are good, but if not, she may be a candidate for chemotherapy.  Foxy is the cheeriest, bossiest little girl, prancing around like a little princess  -- which is quite acceptable, as she's a delightful little companion! 
All 16-year old lab-mix, Fern asks for, is a comfortable place to call her own for whatever time she has left.  Dumped on a mountain road, to die, Fern has gained 5lbs in the three weeks she's been at SPARC and her crippling arthritis is being treated, so she is able to walk again.  She even tried to trot out to her "potty-patch" this week, though she's still a bit unsteady on her paws!  This adorable senior is looking for a forever home. 
Angie is a special senior, who recently had TPLO, leg surgery and as soon as that is healed, she has to have a second surgery on her other hind leg, with another six to eight week recovery period. Angie is patient and loving and would like to find a medical foster while she heals?  She is such a character, not very demanding, but does insist on a regular cuddle! 
With only four to six months to live, Myles is an angelic little black kitten, forced to grow up at SPARC, due to the fact he has FIP --a deadly disease. The unusual version of the disease Myles has is "Dry FIP" and he desperately wants to live his short life to the fullest and happiest it can be!  He needs to live in a home with no other cats, with someone who will strictly monitor his daily progress.
This happy little guy, purring and meowing with any attention he gets, has no idea how short his life will be! What special person could provide him with the hospice foster home he craves?  Is it YOU?
Paraplegic, "Jasper" is at physical rehab in West L.A. for three weeks! Hopefully, we can get him walking on four paws again!   It only seemed fair to give him a chance to walk again, since he insisted upon it!  He's a determined little guy and if his body will allow, his spirit definitely will try!
Amy came to SPARC with a useless front leg.  No one took care of her when leg originally injured, so the leg basically died.  After having front leg amputated this week, she is now looking for a medical foster to see her through recovery.  A very brave, calm, sweet, friendly little adolescent kitten looking for a medical foster home to relax and recover in.

Shay" came in with badly broken pelvis, after possibly being hit by a car.  He required FHO surgery and half of pelvis had to be re-broken to straighten out the hips.  He's been so brave and friendly, though he must have been suffering terribly for a while before he came to SPARC. Shay's hoping for a full recovery within a couple of months, but would like to find a medical foster home to care for him while he gets well.

These wonderful pets are looking for Medical Foster Homes, where they can heal or for some, live out whatever time they have left, in a loving home environment.  When you foster a medical animal from SPARC, we provide the veterinary care.  All you have to do is provide is the love and comfort for these lovable animals, who truly deserve a second chance.

SPARC is a City Shelter.  If you believe in our "No Kill, No Excuses" philosophy, SPARC urgently needs the support of people like you, to keep this mission a reality.  Medical bills for these abandoned animals currently at SPARC are already over $16,000, so please consider helping them with a donation of any size. Your contribution, no matter what size,  will make a huge difference and will go directly to help animals with medical needs.

If you would like to foster or adopt any of these adorable companions, please call SPARC at 
805-525-8609 for more information.

Thank you for caring about the animals at SPARC!


SPARC, 705 E. Santa Barbara Street, Santa Paula, CA 93060
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