Sunday, May 21, 2017

Temple GA: Urgent update 5/21 TRAPPING HELP NEEDED RE: Urgent cuties. 5/12 Still no offers. NEW PHOTOS RE: NO OFFERS YET! RE: Tuxedo Mama and her 4 babies living in a tree!

Phyllis needs help trapping the kittens. Someone from SC or NC has expressed interest, but until she can get the kittens, they can't go up there.

5/12 POST
Mama is not feral---loves attention. Four babies and mom need to be brought inside ASAP so the kittens can learn to be house kitties! Temple is west of Atlanta. Contact Phyllis 770-562-2573 (at You don't need to sign in to see the eight photos on Dropbox (link in Cathy's message).
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New pictures and update:
Phyllis from Temple GA says the mama now brings her kittens to her steps now! She can get the mama and kittens, but says she has nowhere to take them. Please help this little family find rescue. They are becoming more and more trusting and curious, as you can see in this picture album:
​Cathy Page supplied the following update to this urgent situation:
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UPDATE: Mama loves to be petted, so she is not feral. But those kittens need to be brought inside asap, so they can learn to be loving house kitties. Can anyone help Phyllis?

5/2 POST

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Subject: Temple, GA - Mama and babies living in a tree!
Phyllis is asking for help from the rescue community. She thought this girl was a kitten because she's so petite, until she saw her feeding 4 babies. They're living in a tree! If you can help Phyllis with this situation, please contact her: