Wednesday, August 2, 2017

NYC: Placement Needed for Tiny #Kitten Just Rescued off Streets Being Vetted Now

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THANK YOU FOR SHARING WIDELY! The contact for the kitten is Andy: (also CC'd on this email) ANY foster/rescue referrals would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!

Some friends of ours rescued this little guy off the street-he's currently being vetted (read below) and needs a home! Thank you for sharing widely! Any referrals you could provide would be greatly appreciated!!!

The kitten is a male, 1 month old but looks younger because he's so small.  He's only .73 pounds.  I'm not sure of the breed but he is very friendly - he purrs like a machine gun.

He's on antibiotics right now and will complete the course on Saturday.  We took him to the vet again today.  He is not vaccinated yet because he's too weak to take vaccines.  He is not tested for FIV/FeLV for the same reason.  The vet says he's healthy and agreed to provide paperwork to say that he is so.