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#BayCity #TX: PROMISING NEWS! RE: Tigger and Smokey STILL NEED RESCUE! re: Urgent! 2 Male #DECLAWED Owner-surrendered #Cats

Thanks to all who are helping Tigger and Smokey. The rescue that is taking them is a 501(c)3 organization. Their Facebook site is: 

DeLana Blalock <> wrote:
The rescue that tagged them are For The Love Of Animals. The contact name is Cheryl Stahle her email is letsplay11 AT They do have an adopter already!

On Nov 20, 2017 5:45 AM, "DeLana Blalock" <> wrote:
11/18 POST
11/18 Please hurry to provide rescue or wide sharing for these two 9-yr-old boys whose owners gave them up over a month ago due to their own personal problems. Abundant crossposting has not yet led to rescue. Sweet bonded Silver and Gold need a foster, rescuer, or adopter.

Nancy Sharp wrote:
And please take a minute post/share/tweet/etc.   These cats and kittens really need our help. 

Bay City / Matagorda County Animal Impound is not an animal shelter.  We are a 3-day stray hold facility.  We are not funded for vaccinations, heartworm tests, etc. - all products to vaccinate/test/treat are provided by donations from citizens, or out-of-pocket by impound staff.  We are happy to vaccinate/test as requested when products are on hand.

Thank you for reading and considering these kitties.

Nancy Sharp
281 744-2007

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Date: Nov 17, 2017 4:18 AM
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Hi Kelly

Thought they had a rescue in Bay City but the rescue must have a foster to pull.

Smokey and Tigger are losing weight in the impound. As an owner turn/ins, they went from a home environment to a pound. They are understandably afraid.

Each has a  $100 dowery to the rescue that takes both.

Pattie C. $75
Nancy.     $25

Pattie C. $75
Nancy.     $25

Please contact Mick and/Delana right away if you can help.​

Mick White/DeLana Blalock
Bay City Animal Impound
Bay City, TX. 77414
11/13/17 POST
Declawed cats are special needs kitties. Read this touching story I saw today. Also there is much info at including the chronic pain of declawing
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They are still in need. 
10/24 POST

They are still in need as of October 24.
Their impound numbers are Smokey U 2017 062
Tigger U 2017 063
The shelter staff has emailed for them since at least October 10th.

From: DeLana Blalock
Sent: Tuesday, October 10, 2017 4:08 PM
Cc: Mick White
Subject: Smokey & Tigger Need help at the Bay City Animal Impound

Smokey and Tigger are both 9 years old and their front paws are declawed...Tigger is very scared. he stays hidden behind his litter box. The impound is very full and loud at this time...Smokey is vocal and gets along with other cats. He likes to stay hidden most of the time but he will come out when you call him. If you can help them please contact us ASAP.  

Mick White/DeLana Blalock
Bay City Animal Impound
Bay City, TX. 77414