Saturday, November 11, 2017

#Atlanta #GA: 11/11 Urgent! Still needs placement! RE: Last Chance for Sweet Declawed Orange Tabby Cat "Fuzz Beau Aldrin"

11/11 Janet is working on the litter box issue with Fuzz. He is still available for placement if you have a good home for him. Please contact Janet with any inquiries.
11/8 Janet reports there have been no really good options proposed so far for "Fuzz Beau Aldrin." She is considering putting him outside but doesn't want to. Please may a rescuer or savvy adopter step up for this young DECLAWED boy who dislikes the litter box and has been rejected by an owner and more than one adopter. Very possibly he probably is in chronic pain from the declawing (see I don't know if Janet will consider a qualified out-of-state rescue but please inquire if you have a solution for this sweetheart.
11/4 POST

On Sat, Nov 4, 2017 at 10:16 AM, c pq <> wrote:
This sweet declawed boy will be euthanized if no other solution is found. Please help Janet find something for him ASAP!

~Message from JANET~

Rescue Friends:

This poor sweet cat Beau has now been returned to AWHAR for a third time! Beau has a wonderful, sweet, funny, endearing personality and loves people and attention…. but pees and poops outside the box…no matter how clean or how many boxes and no other cats. There is nothing physically wrong with him causing this issue. Literally thousands of dollars have been on diagnostics. Also, making it even worse, he is declawed (defenseless) making his options even more limited.

Beau’s only hope for life is a home outside in a safe fenced backyard with a warm dog house; hopefully he could come inside sometime ….and get human companionship. He does not like most other cats btw….but a sweet dog would be great.

We are out of options. In a world of millions of rescued cats needing homes, adopting a cat that pees and poops out of the box is not going to happen!! If you can help please let me know ASAP!!

Thanks for help and advice for this sweet guy to save his life!