Monday, November 20, 2017

#Charlotte #NC: Adopt Ziggy the BETRAYED, DECLAWED 9-yr-old #MaineCoon mix

Healthy Ziggy is being given up after new puppy is brought home :-(
Please read Melba Tarlton's email messages herebelow.

Note - if you wish to apply to adopt this gorgeous guy and you are not familiar with declawing, please learn more here. So far, I don't think the surgery is illegal in any US state although at least NY, NJ and CA have been trying to pass legislation. Europe is doing much better. According to 
FAQ - States Where Declawing Cats is Illegal - The Spruce
Feb 17, 2017 - Declawing is currently illegal in more than two dozen countries
Poor cat Ziggy was adopted as a kitten, but subsequently dumped. Now he is being given up by his second owner. I hope he attracts a great owner who will be faithful.

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From: Melba Tarlton <>
Date: Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 7:18 AM
Subject: Charlotte, NC - Gorgeous 9 Yr, Maine Coon mix, Neutered Male, Front Declawed needs home

Ziggy is an awesome Maine Coon mix #kitty who is in need of a great home. Ziggy is 9 years old, neutered, front declawed, current on vaccines, bloodwork is normal. He's in great health. The previous owner brought home a small dog and Ziggy hates the dog with a passion. She asked me to find Ziggy a loving, appropriate home. Ziggy is very loving and enjoys the company of his people. He loves to be picked up and being petted. He #purrs nicely when he gets attention. His favorite game is playing laser pointer! He chirps and runs to get it around the room. Ziggy is shy at first and then warms up nicely to new people. This is an awesome, beautiful kitty!

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