Thursday, November 30, 2017

#Houston #TX: PROGRESS REPORT RE: Molly and her 11 babies

11/30 You  can see the embedded Facebook post is updated by Tina Stone's good IRL friend Rebecca Gammage to announce that AARF of Houston has secured a temporary foster home for Molly and her 11 puppies starting today and lasting only til they are weaned. I don't know the foster status for Scully the Dad. If you wish to  volunteer for AARF and help by fostering some members of this family after weaning, please apply to AARF right away. The contact is Cindy Fitzgerald, founder and director of AARF. Thank you to all who are helping this family. VOLUNTEER FOSTERS ARE IN HIGH DEMAND IN HOUSTON AND BEYOND.
11/29 POST
Tina Stone wrote 2 hours ago that since no foster home(s) has materialized, Molly and her babies will be taken to the kill shelter tomorrow 11/30. AARF has not been able to find a foster home but is willing to back them. Cindy Fitzgerald is the contact at AARF. Please view the Facebook thread by clicking on above images.
11/27 POST

Rescue is still urgently needed. You can follow some of the details for Molly's new puppies and how to help at the above Facebook thread. They can be rescued by a reputable out-of-state rescue organization with all the usual protocols. Click above to visit thread and ask Tina Stone any questions.
11/26 POST
Still no rescue has stepped up. Molly has gone into labor.
Probably will have many puppies. If you can RESCUE or FOSTER please contact Tina Stone right away.

Sadly, Tina Stone reports that no rescue materialized so she will take the two dogs back to her home today, but can only keep for a few days. Rescue is urgently needed! Contact her via her Facebook post for Molly and Scully.
Rebecca Gammage Molly & Scully were moved to Tina's house a couple of hours ago because no rescue had confirmed 
And Molly just went into labor ❣️❣️❣️❣️

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Rebecca Gammage Liz Marshall
Tina has way too many at her house.
She usually takes Street Dogs straight to Barc.

These were heart breaking..
Still were waiting where owner left for his son to care for.
Decision was made to hold and find a Rescue to step up.
Rescues like funds to help with cost when they accept a dog.... this is why donations are being gathered.

Still no Rescues have responded.
We are not going to let these Babies down
Still looking for a Reputable Rescue
And Foster 

On baby watch right now.

Tina can not continue to keep!!

They need to be moved
But she will not take to Barc

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11/25 POST
Very pregnant abandoned Mom Molly

Faithful Dad Scully
They have many pledges but no rescue yet. There is a reputable rescue interested but they need a solid foster. Please contact Tina Stone by noon tomorrow. They can be rescued by an out-of-state rescue with appropriate connections. There is a Facebook post by Tina and the other Good Samaritans HERE. You can reach Tina Stone and Rebecca Gammage who is holding them til tomorrow 11/26 by way of Facebook. A reputable rescue is urgently sought as opposed to having to take them to BARC where they might be killed.

Rebecca Gammage wrote
 MALE PUP LOOKS LIKE A LAB and she is not big at all and as a tiny tail, and 
Tina Stone wrote "long story short per neighbor...the pups were very pretty about 4 months ago...owners moved , left them to the POS of a son who lives next door...but he has 2 other dogs inside fenced in yard and these 2 sad creatures were not allowed in and were hanging outside the fence all the food and no care...Anna DeLeon would drive by and feed now the female is very pregnant almost ready to have the puppies and both appear to have demodex..hungry and sweet as can be.💔

...This momma would walk away when I walked up with leash..but once I had it on her I knelt down and she came and wanted me to hold her and she was shaking so bad...felt that she was grateful to get caught...

PAYPAL, what pops up will say  SantosStone but that is Tina's PayPal. You can indicate MOLLY and/or SCULLY.

Rebecca Gammage two dogs were together from same owner...
Female about to give birth and her faithful male partner.
Both have bad Demodex

Rebecca Gammage
Now we
Just have to stay up all night..,
Looking for a place to move them Sunday.
Needs Foster
For at least
Mom ❣️❣️❣️

Rebecca Gammage Need high protein, high calorie PUPPY FOOD

Mom needs it ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

Looking for donations.

Will give it to rescue that takes her. But I need it now for her

Rebecca Gammage They have to have a place to go ....
Or they will have to go to Barc ! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Please consider to FOSTER
Be a Hero
They both deserve to be pampered.... not on a list to be killed ❣️❣️❣️❣️
Help 😭😭😭😭
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Please consider helping with this hard case.
They need more than to be left at Barc

Rebecca Gammage wrote, "Wanted to let everyone know that both dogs are doing great. Molly's little nub of a tail was wagging up a storm just now! She learned real fast who serves meals. Scully was glad to see me as well. He is very itchy. I sprayed him with medicated spray that is oily to give him some relief. Scully loves his day bed and is catching up on some much needed rest."