Thursday, December 7, 2017

Carson facility L.A. Co. CA: GOOD NEWS! RE: Extremely urgent 6-yr-old #Sharpei Sweetheart Solomon RESCUE ONLY A5112563

Solomon has been rescued! I haven't been able to find out yet who rescued him, but his post moved 12/6/17 to the SAFE ALBUM maintained by the volunteers at:
Thanks to all who have helped save Solomon!
12/2 POST

Solomon  has been impounded a long time at the high-kill shelter. Following a lifetime of neglect, he scored very well on a temperament test, but has become stressed with longtime confinement in noisy depressing place. He has been shared many times on Facebook but no help arrives, so please rescue him or share other ways than by Facebook only. He is in serious danger so please act quickly. People who wish to foster may apply to

His record in Petharbor will display as long as he is alive and available:

A recent video is on YouTube here:

Solomon also appears in at least 121 public posts on Instagram yet no rescuer has appeared :-(