Wednesday, January 3, 2018

#Houston #TX: Urgent Willow the pretty Senior #dog at BARC A1528715

Rescued Pets Movement has rescued Willow per Angela Manning a Foster Coordinator with that organization. Please support the rescuers. Thanks to all who crossposted for Willow.
1/2/18 POST

Sweet, friendly Willow has been at the municipal shelter BARC for 18 days!

She was available for adoption or rescue December 16th. Please rescue, foster or adopt her ASAP if you can. Her Petharbor record is

Her record at the shelter is viewable here with instructions how to rescue (pdf containing the plea from shelter including Kennel Card will open in Dropbox): A1528715

Click to go to Volunteer Photographer Gretchen Lindquist's FB post:
Willow is on Adopt-a-Pet at the following link:

I searched Facebook by Willow's ID number A1528715 and saw that at this point she has $225 in pledges.